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DSC unveils DLS2002 downloading software

DSC's new DLS2002 Windows-compatible downloading software is a third generation installation and service tool for all of DSC's DLS compatible products. The software has more than 100 new features and enhancements, including automatic panel version detection and file creation, signature graphic for all Power and MAXSYS control panels, panel software version upgrade wizard, integrated error checking of control panel programming and scheduled outgoing and incoming batch mode.

For information, call DSC at 888-888-7838 or visit

GRI releases 4110 overhead door switch

The GRI 4110 is a "Vane" switch for use on storage units with overhead doors and latch-type locks.

When mounted on a roll-up door channel, the 4110 will not allow the alarm system to arm unless the bolt or latch is in a locked position.

Removal of or tampering with the bolt or latch removes the shunting effect and an alarm will be activated when the circuit is opened.

For more information, contact GRI at 800-445-5218 or visit

NAPCO introduces GEM-RP8LCD keypad

NAPCO's GEM-RP8LCD Keypad has a two-zone expansion module built-in. The RP8LCD works with NAPCO's GEM-P801 Panel and also GEM-P400 and P800. New Stay & Away keys offer functionality.

For information, contact NAPCO at 800-645-9445 or visit

Videx announces CyberPoint

Videx's CyberPoint integrates access control with security guard, maintenance or fire/safety rounds. With one key, an authorized user can access doorways at specified days and times, and read checkpoints at various locations while on rounds throughout a facility. The CyberPoint system provides a comprehensive audit report for management review.

CyberPoint can be used as a stand-alone system, or in conjunction with the CyberLock system.

For information, call Videx at 541-758-0521 or visit

View Systems offers SecureScan detector

View Systems' Secure-Scan's weapons detector and Sec-ondLOOK software detects and pinpoints the location, size and number of concealed weapons, such as knives, box cutters and guns, while allowing items such as coins and keys to pass. Using a single camera, SecondLOOK displays and tracks more than one person at a time.

For information, call View Systems at 877-843-9466 or visit

Viisage previews SecureFLIGHT image capture system

Viisage Technology Inc.'s Secure-FLIGHT is a free-standing, automated image capture system that links Viisage's biometric networked processor with its powerful FaceFINDER software for overt screening at airport security checkpoints.

This system has been successfully pilot tested at Boston's Logan International Airport and is deployed at St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport in Florida.

For information contact Viisage at 978-952-2200 or visit

Winsted develops LCD panel consoles

Winsted Corp.'s new line of consoles designed for LCD panels and compact room installations is the newest addition to the Prestige Line designed for flat screen monitors used in command and control centers, security systems, traffic management, network operating centers, and broadcast control rooms. The space-saving consoles are rugged steel with baked, black enamel.

For information, call Winsted at 800-559-6691 or visit

TK2300 Wire Stripper Kit released

Xuron Corp. offers the TK2300 Wire Stripper Kit, which includes the new 501 Wire Stripper with thumb-adjustable cam, the 2175 Micro-Shear utility tool for harness making; and the 440 Scissors for slitting all types of cable jacketing. The tools are ergonomically designed and feature Xuro-Rubber cushioned hand grips. The kit comes in a tri-fold nylon pouch with pockets to store each tool, two extra storage pockets and Velcro closures.

Contact Xuron Corp. at 207-283-1401 or visit the web site at

ICC debuts new modules

ICC announces new product additions to their IC107 series of modules; the New RCA and BNC IC107 modules expand the connectivity options available to installers.

The New IC107 modules feature RCA and BNC connectors.

For more information, call ICC at 888-275-4422 or visit

MGW 2000 introduced by Optibase

Optibase Ltd. released a new version of MGW 2000, a TV streaming platform that enables the delivery of TV over IP services to residential and business subscribers.
MGW 2000 enables large companies and organizations to deliver enhanced video communications over corporate IP networks. In the residential space, MGW 2000 allows service providers to deliver broadcast TV over IP based DSL and fiber networks to their broadband subscribers.