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Nature Vision introduces Tool-Vu

Nature Vision Inc.’s Tool-Vu uses a miniature CCD camera with a built-in on/off infrared light source to see into tight-squeeze, low-light areas.

Tool-Vu features a 30-inch flexible gooseneck and an adjustable-focus lens that allows for 10 times magnification.

Contact Nature Vision Inc. at 218-825-0733 or visit

AuthenTec debuts biometric fingerprint sensor

The EntréPad AES3400 is a fingerprint sensor specially designed to enhance personal security in the mobile PC, wireless and PDA markets.

With a sensor array only 6.5mm x 6.5mm square, the AES3400’s low power operation and cost fulfill marketplace demands for small battery- operated consumer devices.

Voxbox releases voice message system

Voxbox/EE518 has the unique ability to playback a 20-second recorded voice message on a single channel. The Voxbox/EE518 can be used alone or integrated with any type of device, sensor, alarm panel and access control. The Voxbox/EE518 comes with an on-board mic and two-watt amplifier and two inch speaker with volume control.

For more information, contact E&E Electronic Engineering Research Inc at 888-452-8988 or

Tane releases stubby press fit

Tane Alarm’s new stubby press fit is 3/4 inch long with a diameter of only 1/2 inch and uses a patent de-activated rhodium reed to insure long life as well as offers a $50 – 1 replacement guarantee if any normal problems occur.
The Tane-05 comes standard with 22AWG 18 inch leads and longer leads are available. The magnet is a wide gap 1/4 inch diameter by .80 inch long to give a near one inch gap.

For more information contact Tane at 800-852-5050 or

SenTech offers web-based project management solution

SenTech Inc.’s TeamCenter is a complete web-based project management software system designed specifically for the security, fire and life safety industry.

TeamCenter allows users to share and manage documents, drawings and databases, manage assets and human resources, manage clients and projects, share and manage e-mails, web chat and other forms of communication and obtain 24/7 customer service and training.

Proficient AW500TT indoor/outdoor speaker delivers wide coverage from a sin

The new Proficient AW500TT speaker provides a range of solutions for installers.

The AW500TT is the flagship line of high-performance indoor/outdoor speakers, including the AW525 and AW650. Built to be attractive yet durable, Proficient has taken seven steps to making the AW series weather-resistant, including gold-plated binding posts, powder-coated aluminum grilles, zinc-coated mounting brackets and fade-resistant inhibitors in speaker enclosures.

For additional information, call 909-787-9940 or visit

Genesis introduces direct burial cables

Genesis Cable Systems announces the launch of a new line of UL Listed direct burial cables that will not degrade due to prolonged exposure to water or moisture.

Potential service of the cables include fire or access systems that run outside to remote buildings, paging systems, sound systems, commercial roof top applications for HVAC, fire, horns or strobes, or any low voltage system that is installed underground or within conduit subject to condensation or high humidity.

Nelco Products introduces new laminated cable markers

Nelco Products Inc. is introducing its new line of zero halogen laminated cable markers which are intended for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

NelcoLAM markers feature an UV stabilized clear laminate and an acrylic adhesive that protects paper labels.

NelcoLAM markers are available in 2 1/4 inch x 5/8 inch, 3 1/8 inch x 5/8 inch, and 5 inch x 5/8 inch sizes.

For more information, contact Nelco Products at 800-346-3526 or visit their website at

SafirRosetti ResQline provides escape from high rises

SafirRosetti introduces the ResQline, an evacuation device that provides a solution to evacuating people quickly from even the tallest of buildings.

A self-contained system requiring no external power source, SafirRosetti ResQline lowers people in a rapid yet controlled descent down the outside of the building.

ResQline operates on the principles of air dynamic resistance. The motion of the person descending actually generates the dynamic resistance, so the faster the descent, the greater the resistance, resulting in a safe, constant speed of descent.

Tiscor releases upgrade of TourWatch System

Tiscor is announcing that its TourWatch system for documenting security checks can now be used with the Denso BHT-8000 hand-held device.

The new model features an increased drop impact strength of five drops on each side of the unit from 47 inches onto a concrete floor.

The BHT-8000 unit offers an increased processor speed, a higher memory capacity with up to 4MB of storage and an improved scanning engine.

For more information on the Tiscor TourWatch system, call 858-513-6629 or visit the company’s website at