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Channel Vision introduces RF/ satellite meter

Channel Vision now offers installers an affordable RF/satellite meter at one-third the price of competitive units.

With the M2000, one person can install a satellite dish efficiently without the hassle of going back and forth from the dish to the TV. It provides accurate signal readings from 25MHz to 1550MHz for troubleshooting antenna, cable TV, and HDTV satellite strength. The M2000 can also measure DirecTV’s third LNB.

ATW releases Bulldog and Bloodhound sirens

ATW’s Bloodhound and Bulldog Sirens, part of the Watchdog Collection, provide loud annunciation with a low profile appearance. Constructed of UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic, both perform well in indoor and outdoor applications.

Rated up to 105 dB these sirens operate at six to 14 VDC with a single warble tone.

For more information, call ATW at 800-585-5289 or visit

Middle Atlantic debuts Quiet-Cool Console

Middle Atlantic Products introduces the new Quiet-Cool series console, which offers levels of thermal management and sound isolation capabilities and ease of access to mounted equipment.

The Quiet-Cool series console is designed and engineered to meet the demands of today’s technology.

The units also feature sound isolation capabilities, including acoustic damping material on the insides of side panels, gasketing on all doors, quiet-running fans and baffled fan exhausts and air intakes.

Detex adds ProxiPen

Detex introduces the new GCS ProxiPen data acquisition unit and WinDau reporting software.

This system which is also used in maintenance, service, cleaning and asset-tracking applications,features control points that can be concealed behind non-metallic surfaces.

For more information, call 800-729-3839 or visit

Garrett has new tactical hand-held metal detector

Garrett’s new THD is a highly sensitive, fast-response detector that detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband or other metallic objects and silently alerts the user with vibration and a red LED.

Its 3-1/2 inch 360-degree plus tip detection area allows unrestricted scanning angles. A bright LED flashlight at the tip of the unit enhances night detecting.

Weighing in at 6.4 ounces, the unit is 8 1/2 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide and includes a 9V battery and ballistic-weave holster.

GE Interlogix releases universal bracket

The Smart Universal Mounting Bracket from GE Interlogix can be used to mount any size PC board into the GE ConnectionCenter Rough-in Kit.

The GE Interlogix Smart Universal Mounting Bracket easily adapts to many different sizes.

This flexibility allows for easy installation of security systems (or other boards and panels) inside the Con-nectionCenter enclosure.

For more information, contact GE Interlogix at 800-777-5484 or visit the company’s website at

View Systems announces SecureScan upgrade

View Systems has developed a next generation software upgrade for its Se-cureScan Concealed Weapons Detection system.

The Sec-ondLOOK software makes it possible for personnel at security checkpoints to better manage foot traffic as persons are scanned for weapons.

The SecondLOOK software pinpoints the exact location and identifies the object on a computer monitor. It can differentiate between threat and non-threat items, thus simplifying the process of divesting suspicious objects.

Tane debuts micro contact

Tane Alarm’s new micro contact is only .66 inch (17mm) long by .31 inch (8mm) in height by .16 inch (4mm) wide.

It comes with self adhesive tape and mounting tacks along with 18” leads. This contact can be mounted in the tracks of tight fitting windows and also into tight spots where it is difficult to drill holes.

The Tane Alarmmicro contact also uses rhodium contacts to insure long product life and no sticking.

Middle Atlantic rolls out custom racks

Middle Atlantic Products is announcing the availability of custom-fit rackshelf systems for surveillance monitors, VTRs and other security equipment.

In addition to mounting the equipment in a standard 19-inch console, the rackshelves offer additional security for the equipment.

Each system consists of a custom bezel which is cut specifically to the dimensions of the component plus an interior rackshelf.

SecureFleet unveils

SecureFleet Fleet Management Systems is pleased to announce the release of the product line, a cost effective solution for markets not currently suitable for larger, real time tracking systems.

These markets include heavy equipment rental, small service companies, rental car agencies and the private consumer market. allows its users to monitor exception conditions, enable/disable the ignition, lock/unlock doors and view the precise location of the vehicle at all times from any Internet capable personal computer.