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Panduit debuts new installation tool

Panduit Corp. introduces its new GTH ergonomic installation tool for standard to heavy cable ties.

The GTH tool controls tension and cutoff of the cable tie during installation.

The GTH tool is lightweight and comfortable to use. It exceeds industry standards for tool operation and provides consistent use over many cycles.

It features a tension adjustment that is simple to change and confirm settings, and a narrow nose that improves access in confined areas.

Nelco Products debuts hook-and-loop tie wraps

Nelco Products’ line of SofTie reusable hook-and-loop tie wraps are designed to be used with cable, wire and fiber optic insulation.

The SofTie wraps are six-inch straps that come in a variety of bright colors for bundling and coding copper wire and fiber optic cables without damaging insulation. The wraps are packaged on spools of 50 each and feature a wide head for a tight grip, while the pull-through hole permits tight cinching without over-tensioning.

Colors available are blue, red, green, black, yellow and white.

Tiscor’s TourWatch takes on Denso BHT-8000

Tiscor’s TourWatch system for documenting security checks now can be used with the Denso BHT-8000 hand-held device.The device upgrade will help TourWatch customers increase their efficiency while collecting security data.

The BHT-8000 unit offers an increased processor speed, a higher memory capacity with up to 4MB and an improved scanning engine.

Tiscor’s TourWatch system is also compatible with five additional devices, ProTouch, ProScan DR, Dolphin, PDT 6100 and PDT6800, giving customers the option of selecting a device that meets their needs and their budgets.

Scion Communications offers Scion Falcon

Scion Communications Inc. introduces the Scion Falcon, a mobile application for security guards and managers. Guards can use Scion Falcon to perform critical functions via wireless devices, while on the move. Accessing vital data (e.g. access card databases), transmitting digital incident reports, broadcasting emergency alerts and monitoring security camera feeds can be done in real-time.

NKL Edge software releases Version 1.0

NKL Edge software Version 1.0 has been released to assist in generating on-demand reporting from NKL cash management systems.

The software allows the exporting of data from NKL CPU controllers to generate exceptions reporting and related financial tracking of operations at multiple locations.

It is designed to work with NKL Auditlok XLV .

The new software runs on all Windows operating systems, including Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP.

Wren debuts environmental tube housing

Environmental Tube Housing (ETH15)-durable housing for outdoor applications from Wren Associates is designed for easy installation and maintenance and utilizes Wren’s “No ToolsRequired” feature. The removable interface board enables easy power and video connections while providing surge protection. The product is designed for multiple applications such as transportation, parking structures, commercial property and office buildings.

For more information, call Wren Associates at 800-881-2249 or visit

Silent Witness unveils LumaView IR 75 infrared illuminator

Silent Witness has released its LumaView IR 75 infrared illuminator, which offers mission-critical monitoring in low-light or completely dark conditions. The new LumaView also enables IR-sensitive CCTV cameras to produce high-quality images under nighttime conditions without imposing intensive, obtrusive visible light illumination. LumaView IR 75 is designed for use with Silent Witness’ MagnaView and PrimaView line of cameras and works at distances of up to 90 meters.

Tiscor releases Protrac Security 3.3

Tiscor, a provider of software solutions for the mobile workforce, has released its guard tour management system Pro-trac Security 3.3. The application utilizes hand-held devices and barcode technology to electronically document all checkpoints visited by security officers, eliminating paperwork and increasing productivity of security personnel.

For more information, call 800-227-6379 or visit

Paradox unveils Digiplex 848

Paradox Security Systems has released its Digiplex 848, a security system with eight on-board zones, to support its Grafica LCD keypad.

The Digiplex also features support for up to 48 zones, 96 user codes, four partitions and 32 access-control doors.

For more information, visit

PanaVise Products introduces CCTV camera angle mount

PanaVise Products has rolled out its CCTV Camera Angle Micro Mount to give security installers more installation options for their cameras.

Recommended for wall mounting, the mount features a 90-degree bend in the shaft, two adjusting options and a matching vinyl base cover.

For more information, contact PanaVise at 775-850-2900 or visit