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Elk introduces ELK-SWB14 enclosures

The ELK-SWB14 enclosures from Elk Products are built to house a security control with peripherals, as well as various manufacturers’ telephone, CATV and network structured wiring components because of the flexible hole pattern design and mounting accessories.

The product features knockouts for 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1-1/4 inch conduit and standard electrical J box. The units measure 14.25 inch square by 3.5 inch deep with lockable cover.

For more information, contact Elk Products at 800-797-9355 or visit

Linear releases portable RF tester

Linear Corp. has developed a portable radio frequency tester to assist installers in setting up and servicing its MegaCode format radio products. The FT-1 is designed to aid in identifying RF interference on Linear’s access control panels.

A built-in speaker on the FT-1 broadcasts what a MegaCode receiver is hearing and an LED provides visual indication.

For more information, contact Linear at 760-438-7000 or visit

STI’s new wire guard

Safety Technology International has announced its new Outdoor Light Damage Stopper Guard. The wire guard helps assure continued operation of outdoor lights and similar units measuring 13.5 inches long by four inches wide by five inches high.

The wire guard is constructed of nine-gauge steel wire coated with corrosion-resistant polyester and is backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use.

For more information, contact Safety Technology International at 800-888-4784 or visit

Marks USA’s installation tool

Marks USA has introduced its new J295 installation tool, designed to simplify and speed installation of the company’s Survivor Series key-in-lever locksets.

The J295 thru-bolt installer is a rugged, self-aligning tool with hardened drill bushings, drill bit and an adjustable edge guide. One edge is designed for 2-3/4-inch backset, the other for 2-3/8-inch. The tool is designed for use with either wood or metal doors, providing 5/16-inch thru-bolt holes on 2-3/4-inch centers.

Nascom unveils Magnasphere switch

Nascom has announced a new high-security switch that incorporates Magnasphere switch technology. The switch is designed to provide high perimeter security without the cost or size of a bulky balanced magnetic switch.

The new switch uses a tiny magnetic ball floating freely inside a small metal housing with two protruding wires. The switch remains closed only when a magnet is directly under the switch so it can pull the magnetic ball into contact with the case and electrode-closing switch.

McGill’s corrosion-resistant Protect-O-Globes

McGill Electrical has introduced its Protect-O-Globe lighting systems that are designed to provide all the protection of lighting fixtures with wire lamp guards, as well as corrosion resistance in wet environments.

The low-profile one-piece globes are made from rugged polycarbonate to assure impact-resistance and also feature low operating temperatures and lateral light diffusion. The Protect-O-Globes can be used for retrofitting existing metal wire canopies where incandescent or HID lamps are being used in vandal-proof environments like schools, public facilities or prisons.

Ideal introduces new visual fault finder

Ideal Industries has expanded its family of professional-grade fiber products with the addition of the VFF5 Visual Fault Finder, a compact handheld light source that is optimized to troubleshoot breaks and misconnections in fiber-optic cables.

The VFF5 can be used to verify continuity, test and find breaks in LANs, fiber data links/loops, telephone, shipboard and other vessels, and in intrinsically safe process applications where fiber is used instead of copper. The light generated by the VFF5 can travel up to three miles of jacketed or bare fiber-optic cabling.

Xuron introduces ergonomic wire cutter

Xuron has rolled out a new wire cutter that is designed to require less effort than conventional compression-type cutters and place the cutting head at the proper angle in relation to the wire.

The Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter employs bypass cutting to produce a clean, square cut using shear action. The Micro-Shear is equipped with a Light Touch return spring, weighs about two ounces and is made from alloyed steal and hardened to Rc 54-56.

For more information, contact Xuron at 207-283-1401 or visit

Tane Alarm launches BNC division

Magnetic contacts provider Tane Alarm Products is now offering connectors for CCTV professionals, including a range of BNC jacks, plugs and adapters.

Tane’s two-piece crimp-on BNCs will include three ferrels to allow dealers and distributors to stock one part that will fit a broader range of cables.

For more information, contact Tane Alarm at 800-852-5050 or visit

Belden introduces new compsosite cables

Belden Electronics has introduced its line of access control composite cables for commercial building, hospital, school, corporate or government installations.

The company’s Access Control Banana Peel composite cables allow users to eliminate the overall jacket and the use of color coding and application printing on the four individual cables. The cables are available in both plenum-rated and riser-rated versions.

For more information, contact Belden Electronics at 765-983-5394 or visit