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Proximex’s Surveillint 3.5

Proximex Surveillint 3.5 presents new capabilities designed to alleviate risk across an enterprise. Version 3.5 extends many of the existing out-of-box workflow activities through bulk configuration and programmable workflow definitions for real-time implementation of security policies and procedures, and sharing best practices with customers. The breadth of Integration Modules has been expanded and a new SDK helps integrators implement and lower project risk. Finally, Surveillint 3.5 improves usability tasks to increase the efficiency of internal security and support teams.

Cornet Technology’s iVDO SmartEdge

iVDO SmartEdge integrates ObjectVideo OnBoard‚ analytic capabilities with Cornet Technology’s hardened iVDO IP-based encoders and VDOScope video management software platform to push video analytics to the edge of the network. iVDO SmartEdge is designed for customers with mission critical security needs such as government, utility, and industrial facilities; transit and transportation authorities; and public safety environments. iVDO SmartEdge provides security staff with better information faster, improving facility, asset, and personnel protection.

MDI Security’s Sentinel

The MDI Security Systems Sentinel product line allows security personnel and first responders to instantly monitor and record real-time activities from the portable handheld device (RX). The accompanying digital recording system (TX) displays and records all camera feeds and transmits real time video and audio through wireless communication to both the portable handheld devices (RX) and the central management system (CMS).

ASIS Booth No. 4611

Brijot Imaging’s ScanPort

ScanPort consists of a standard 20-foot ISO shipping container with two Brijot GEN 2 full body imaging systems. The passive millimeter wave imaging systems provide simultaneous front and back real-time screening and concealed object detection. ScanPort is equipped as a fully automated access control system with electronically locked entry and exit doors, air conditioning, lighting, and an X-ray baggage scanner. The nerve center is a customized Security Operations Center that is monitored remotely.

Aiphone’s AX-8MV-W - White Master Station

Aiphone has released the AX-8MV-W, a new white master station for their popular AX Series intercom. The new audio-video master supports up to 8 master stations and 8 door stations while offering video intercom communication that integrates into other existing security systems including; CCTV and Electronic Access Control and door call-ins may be transferred to a telephone line. The AX Series also features audio-video door stations with embedded card readers to create a complete all-in-one security solution.

Genetec’s Omnicast 4.2

Omnicast is an IP video surveillance solution that provides seamless management of digital security data. The newly released Omnicast 4.2 offers users more cutting-edge capabilities such as the Hidden Site feature, allowing administrators to give users access to manage only a subset of system entities. Other additions include the support of Windows Vista for client and server applications, the integration of new encoder and camera models, and the availability in Dutch and Spanish.

ASIS Booth No. 3751

Smiths Detection’s SABRE CENTURION II

The SABRE CENTURION II is a continuous air monitoring system designed to detect and identify a wide range of Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals that could enter a building. HVAC system, released into a public transportation system or other areas where the public may gather. Upon alarm the system can notify personnel about the type of threat detected and simultaneously control air-handling systems, aiming to contain the spread of the substance.

ASIS Booth No. 2511

General Lock / BlueWave Security’s Standalone Battery Powered Lock

General Lock, a security technology company, and BlueWave Security, the Wi-Fi lock and security company, have combined forces to deliver the first Wi-Fi enabled battery operated lock. The Cyclone 120 is a battery operated, stand-alone access control lock enabled with 802.11 Wi-Fi technology.

ASIS Booth No. 4620

Designed Security’s Entry Sentry

Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) announces the Entry Sentry tailgate detection system. Affordable, versatile, and easy to install, Entry Sentry uses 32 infrared sensors to detect tailgating through any door or hallway, setting off an alarm when more than one person enters at a time. Its advanced sensor technology recognizes inanimate objects, while adjustable sensitivity helps eliminate false alerts. This solution can be configured to trigger local or remote alarms and integrates with access control systems.

COOPER NOTIFICATION’s Wheelock Power Supplies

The PS-6 and PS-8, used to extend notification circuits, provide the most advanced features in the industry while providing electrical contractors the ability to reduce equipment and labor costs. Both models are equipped to operate on either 110VDC or 220VDC power and are available with a red or black enclosure. The new features include the Distinguishable Ground Fault LED, the True Input to Output Mapping, the Power Supply Expansion Board and the larger Chassis on the PS-8.