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Genetec’s AutoVu Sharp

The AutoVu Sharp is an IP-based license plate recognition (LPR) appliance which delivers advanced digital video processing and superior plate reading performance. Used in applications including law enforcement, surveillance, and access control, the AutoVu Sharp is available for both fixed and mobile installations. Additionally, the AutoVu Sharp provides the advantages of having sophisticated analytics residing on the edge, as well as simplified installation and configuration, and reduced network load and head-end processing.

Intransa’s StorStac StarterBlock M4

Affordable, powerful StarterBlock IP Storage reduces DVR/NVR costs and capacity requirements, with improved reliability, increased capacity and quick, simple setup. This compact, external 1U IP SAN delivers offers 2 to 4TB of RAID-protected, hot-swap storage for CCTV DVR/NVR capacity upgrades or for edge recording, expanding to 16TB in just 3U. StorStac StarterBlock delivers security-grade IP video storage, certified with nearly 100 physical security and IT vendors, available from Intransa StorPartner Security and Storage Integrators worldwide.

Potter’s Fire and Emergency Communications Speakers

The AMSECO branded SS/SR (speaker only), SSC (ceiling speaker/strobe), and SSS/SSR (speaker/strobe). Series speakers are designed to provide the clearest audible sound with a high audio output at a minimum wattage. The speakers are suitable for fire protective signaling systems, emergency evacuation, and mass notification systems. The 25 V RMS or 70.7 V RMS selective input voltage models provide six field selective wattage ranges. All three series of devices are UL Listed 1480.

STOPware’s PassagePoint Visitor Solution

PassagePoint EDU allows education administration to badge visitors and volunteers; know who is on campus and track individuals pre-approved to pick up students. As an added security measure, PassagePoint EDU also imports watch lists to keep an eye out for criminals and sex offenders. PassagePoint EDU works seamlessly with TEMPbadge’s expiring school badge and includes photo capture plus the ability to scan business cards, driver licenses and passports. Schools can easily custom design their entry screens and reports.

PPM 2000’s Perspective Standard

Over the past few years, Perspective has become the Incident Management system of choice for many organizations. During that time, PPM 2000 has often been asked about an entry-level option‚ something with the same quality, design and potential but with less functionality and a lower price. Introducing Perspective Standard, designed for organizations that want to limit the scope of their systems to incident management (without an investigation or case component) and whose implementations require less scalability and flexibility.

Vigitron’s Vi1516VPD

Vigitron introduces the 16 Channel Video-Power-Data combiners with built-in AC power supply. Each channel provides an isolated 24V or 28V at one Amp for up to total 16 Amps, the highest density in the market. They receive video from each camera and provide power and PTZ data over a single Cat5 cable. These units are 1U rack-mounted supporting up to 16 cameras. They follow EIA/TIA 568B structured building wiring standard ideal for structured wiring CCTV.

ASIS Booth No. 705

VIDEX’s Enviro-Friendly Rechargeable CyberKey

The new Rechargeable CyberKey that brings additional flexibility to the CyberLock Electronic Lock System by giving customers two choices of keys. The Rechargeable CyberKey is an excellent choice for customers that want a small, environmentally-friendly key. The original CyberKey is ideal for those that want the convenience of a key without the need for recharging. The programmability of both keys is the same so they can be used interchangeably with the CyberLock system.

ASIS Booth No. 3428

Cernium Corporation’s Perceptrak for Milestone

Perceptrak for Milestone by Cernium Corporation is a powerful new standard in intelligent video surveillance. Perceptrak is an open standards software add-in that seamlessly integrates with the Milestone XProtect Enterprise platform. It analyzes security video and annotates it with information about the content, so administrators and operators can apply an information-based, decision-making approach to better manage, distribute, monitor, store and query video. Easy to install and simple to use, Perceptrak operates on COTS hardware to provide maximum design flexibility.

Windy City Wire’s SmartWire RackTrak

The SmartWire RackTrak is a lightweight, durable cart that holds 12,000-plus feet of cable, packaged in Windy City Wire’s RackPack cartons. Installers can easily transport their cable onto the job site and effortlessly maneuver around tight corners, through narrow hallways and door openings while completing their installation. The SmartWire RackTrak also promotes; uniformity in wire set ups and pulls, increases productivity and ultimately saves integrators money. Available exclusively at Windy City Wire.

NICE’s NiceVision 10.5

NiceVision integrates real-time video analytics, IP networking, recording and management to enable automatic threat detection, instant verification, event resolution and effective investigation. NiceVision (10.5) includes a new line of smart encoders with built-in video content analytics for indoor and outdoor video surveillance, offering bandwidth savings along with high video quality and optimal analytics accuracy. Also new is the smart Network Video Recorder (NVR) that enables event-driven recording based on built-in video content analytics.