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ComNet’s FVT11m

ComNet, a manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, has introduced and officially released its first of fiber optic video product. The FVT11-m is a mini fiber optic video transmitter for use over multimode optical fiber. The FVT11-m converts a single baseband video channel to an optical signal and transmits it up to 2.5km to a fiber optic receiver where it is converted back to baseband video for monitoring.

ASIS Booth No. 5249

Brijot’s ScanPort

ScanPort, a 20-foot ISO shipping container that contains two GEN 2 whole body imaging systems, was conceived to manage people screening at standoff locations and entrances. These settings posed a challenge in deploying screening technology that achieved standoff, remote monitoring, and detected improvised explosive device (IED) suicide bombs without endangering security personnel. Brijot met the challenge by introducing a solution that is quickly deployed, screens people/baggage, and provides a platform to emplace other security technologies.

The Decal Factory’s Polyethylene Lawn Signs

The Decal Factory’s lawn signs will not yellow, dent or break. The material we manufacture with is very tuff, and also printed with UV cured inks, so the signs are fade resistant. So visit us at Booth #831 and purchase signs and decals from: The name you know and trust!

ESX Booth No. 831

SDi’s AVCHECKER Digital Thermo Anemometer - Air Velocity Meter

AVCHECKER is a versatile dual function, handheld, battery-operated instrument that quickly and easily measures air velocity within duct detectors, in four selectable ranges. Includes bendable telescoping probe.

ESX Booth No. 228

Authorized Dealer Program

As a Guardian Authorized Dealer you: remain in control of your business, compete with national and large regional companies for your share of the market, receive revenue sharing, participate in co-op advertising, receive marketing support, are charged no cost for supplies, and can access the resources of the largest privately owned security company.

ESX Booth No. 430

Elk Products’ Energy Management Relay

ELK-9200 is a 60 amp, heavy duty relay/contactor complete with locking metal enclosure and features a (3) prong plug-in cord which is compatible with virtually any appliance style automation module (purchased separately) including: UPB, Insteon, ZWave, Zigbee, X10, etc. It is designed for remotely controlling high current devices such as electric water heaters, pumps, motors, gates, etc. These devices may now be automated to provide energy management and savings. Replaces Elk-9100 at a lower cost.

Contigo Systems’ DS500

Contigo Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that the DeWalt Mobilelock, an indoor locatable, self-contained GPS beacon and anti-theft alarm, is now available for resale on the Contigo platform. The Mobilelock has a long battery life, requires no external antenna and includes a series of sensors to protect from a wide range of theft and intrusion situations. Coupled with the Contigo platform, the Mobilelock is a true end-to-end solution for protecting jobsites and construction equipment.

Alarm Capital Alliance Acquisitions

At ACA, we believe your company’s future begins with what you’ve worked so hard to achieve: your name, your reputation, and your relationships with the customers you protect. We help you stay in business. We help you grow. When you are ready to sell a portion of or your entire portfolio of accounts, ACA offers great flexibility and very competitive multiples. We make the transaction easy for you with organized due diligence and quick closings.

ESX Booth No. 827

Uplink’s DigiCell(R) AnyNET Full Data Module(FDM)

The AnyNET-FDM works in conjunction with the Uplink AnyNET Network Access device and is compatible with most alarm panels to send the complete set of alarm signals to a central station in either Contact ID or SIA communications format. Operating on a GSM digital network, this device offers added security at any location with its “dialer capture” function and a built-in telephone line supervision circuit.

For more information, call 888-9-Uplink or visit
ISC West Booth no. 13144

Transtector Systems’ ALPU-AMR

The ALPU-POE Series units are compact, POE (Power over Ethernet) surge protectors. Easy to install, these high performance ALPUs (advanced lightning protection units) offer the proven reliability and superior performance technology of the original ALPU Series in a more compact design.

For more information, call 800-882-9110 or visit
ISC West Booth no.7141