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Potter Electric Signal Company’s VSA Series Self Contained Sound Detectio

The VSA Series is used to protect reverberant and non-reverberant vaults, such as bank and mercantile. It is a compact, easy to install, direct replacement to Potter’s original VSA-S. It boasts an on-board accumulator to assist in false alarm prevention, a system balance button, a sensitivity pod, and many other installer friendly features. The VSA Series is a 12VDC device that can be powered by the alarm panel. It was designed to save space and installation time.

Tane Alarm Products’ Tane Pill

For no headache installs Tane Alarm’s magnetic contact called the “PILL” is now available with a $50, one life time warrantee. The PILL measures just 1 inch x 3/8 inch with a smooth, rounded off narrow width of under ¼ inches. The Pill gives installs a clean, modern finish when mounted on surfaces. Also, because its narrow, the Tane-Pill can be hidden flush in some window tracks protecting installers from drilling into window frames. 3 meters adhesive and 18 inch 26 AWG wire is standard with longer leads available. Gap is ¾ inch. Extra vent magnets are available.

System Sensor’s SpectrAlert Advance Speakers and Speaker Strobes

The new SpectrAlert Advance speakers and speaker strobes offer a comprehensive selection of products that can be easily installed, maintained, and inspected in virtually any application. The plug-in design simplifies installations and helps prevent ground faults. Speaker strobes feature lowest current draws at the highest candela setting. System Sensor developed these indoor and outdoor appliances to provide the choice of high fidelity or high volume voice messaging wherever people need to hear them.

Marray, Inc.’s ND kit

Marray has a new kit for the ND 80 series locksets. Dual voltage and field selectable EU or EL, and an optional REX can be added for minimal cost. The kit allows our customers to be flexible on inventory and job site work.

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Safety Technology unveils Universal Button

STI's new Universal Button provides the customer 240 combinations in one convenient and easy package (all for the price of a standard one-configuration button). The faceplate is constructed of cast aluminum, allowing it to take tough knocks in stride, and is slightly oversized to cover old plate installation marks. Button package includes: two sets of Form contacts, faceplate, three illuminated push buttons (red, blue, green), four interchangeable button messages and 10 interchangeable activation messages.

Quantum Secure's SAFE Security Reporter

SAFE Security Reporter provides useful reports covering operational and management information your security department can use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Typical reports collect data for quarterly evaluations of security staff, to help plan future security budgets, determine resource requirements and more. The SAFE Custom Report Wizard tool helps you create customized reports online and receive immediate results in a secure manner. The tool allows you to format your results and sort them in a report that can be simply viewed or saved to your computer.

PureTech Systems launches Scene Analyzer

PureTech introduces its Scene Analyzer product. The scene analyzer is a NEMA 3, environmentally rugged- edge device, which can provide full video processing and analysis, along with camera and peripheral device control at remote camera locations. The device can operate in a fully stand-alone manner, or be combined with an enterprise surveillance solution, such as PureActiv. The Scene Analyzer also has the intelligence to manage low- bandwidth installations and scale data transmission accordingly.

PPM 2000's Performance Management Module

Introducing an innovative tool that integrates with Perspective, PPM 2000's Incident Reporting & Investigation Management solution, to improve decision-making and increase accountability by monitoring incident activity against established benchmarks and key performance indicators. With Perspective's Performance Management component, an organization can approach incident and investigative data in a whole new way, from their evaluations of each individual event all the way to their aggregated trend information on overall activity and incident reduction programs.

Pivot3 presents RAIGE Video Storage Cluster

The Pivot3 RAIGE Video Storage Cluster delivers the capacity and performance to support up to five times more data streams than other storage systems at a fraction of the cost. RAIGE insures continuous data access in case of network failures, drive failures and databank failures. The system supports dynamic capacity additions and configuration changes without video recording interruption. For more information on this product, visit
Booth no. 1295

Onity presents electronic locking system Integra 5

Onity recently launched Integra 5, its newest electronic locking system for the education, corporate, and military and government markets. Its features include: client-server architecture, high-speed execution, and remote online access. For greater security, network traffic is encrypted using SSL 128-bit strength for all data traffic between clients and server. Integra 5 allows for easy upgrading and performance of system maintenance, and it works with a variety of database structures such as Firebird and Microsoft-AE SQL.