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Ioimage's Ioibox Trk1

The ioimage ioibox trk1 is an intelligent video encoder with powerful built-in video analytics. This small unit plugs-inline to any CCTV surveillance camera enabling automated detection of intruders, burglars, and other threats, enhancing security and reducing surveillance workload. The trk1 supports both analog and IP based infrastructures providing detection, real-time alert notifications, and on-alarm events for recording and visual verification. With out-of-the-box security automation and an easy browser-based configuration, the ioibox trk1 can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Intertek's certification program for door raceway installers

Intertek (LSE: ITRK), a global leader in testing, inspection and certification, has launched the Perfect Raceway program. Through the program, raceway installers will be trained and certified to modify fire rated doors for the installation of electrified hardware without altering the fire resistance ratings. To register for a class, to host a class in your area, or to view more information on the program, visit
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Indigovision unveils new 9000 series

Indigovision will demonstrate its complete IP Video solution for the 9000 series of IP video products. The 9000 ranges include updated versions of products currently available in the 8000 range: transmitters, IP domes and Networked Video Recorders. The company will also unveil "Control Center," which is an alarm management software platform updated to accommodate the 9000 series products. For more information on these products, visit
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Genetec releases AutoVu

Genetec has added a new solution to its innovative line of IP products: AutoVu. AutoVu is an IP License Plate Recognition Solution designed to accurately read plates from virtually any country, state or province of the world. The AutoVu Mobile solution can read plates of moving vehicles at differential reaching 140MPH (225 km/h), and AutoVu Fixed solution can secure access to parking lots of any facility with unsurpassed accuracy. For additional information on this product, visit
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Elk Products, Inc. delivers Elk-M1XRF2G

ELK-M1XRF2G is a Wireless (RF) Receiver and Input Expander for use with the ELK-M1 and ELK-M1EZ8 Controls. This receiver connects to the M1/EZ8 data bus and supports up to 144 wireless zones. It is compatible with the 319.5MHz Crystal based transmitters available from GE. Multiple redundant receivers can be connected to the M1 or EZ8 control, which can increase either or both the range and coverage area. For additional information on this product, visit
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Dallmeier presents Integrated Optics Package

Integrated Optics Package DCM3032SA UWDR delivers strong resolution and color with low light performance for both NTSC and PAL installations. An advanced version of Pixim's Orca Chipset with enhanced image stabilization and continuous auto-focus is integrated into Dallmeier Component's new DCM3032SA UWDR Integrated Optics Package (IOP) for use in pan-tilt-zoom surveillance cameras. The DCM3032SA zoom block delivers the highest image quality available, surpassing the performance of existing IOPs in several key specifications.

GuardTrax launches GuardTrax Security Force Locator

The GuardTrax-SFL receives GPS coordinates from overhead satellites and transmits those GPS coordinates to GuardTrax's secure server, which plots the points on a GIS map with a satellite imagery overlay of the area.
The mapping solution enables users to securely log into the web site and view the real time and historical location of any security officer during the last day, hour or minute.
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Deggy Corp. introduces guard tour solution

With GPRS technology, the date and location of the guard tour checkpoints are transferred by GPRS network (wireless cell phone) to your internet-linked computer with this solution from Deggy Corp. The same data can be accessed by clients on the Internet with the use of passwords.
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Contigo monitors driver safety

Introducing the new Teen Driver Safety Solution from Contigo. This GPS-based tracking system provides parents with peace of mind by sending automatic email or cell phone alerts for speeding or zone entry/exit and includes scheduled location reports that can be reviewed online at any time. Parents can also log in and locate a vehicle in seconds as needed.
Security dealers and centrals can resell and monitor the solution through the Contigo monitoring platform.
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Brady People ID launches Secure Badgeholder

Brady People ID has unveiled a patent-pending new ID badgeholder designed to prevent unauthorized data skimming of embedded information. The new Secure Badgeholder provides a shield against unauthorized access to contactless information stored on PIV cards, CAC cards and other contactless smart cards.
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