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Wren releases new VMS software

Wren, a provider of video surveillance solutions, has announced the availability of Wren Video Management System Software version 3.0, a Windows-based solution that facilitates the enterprise management of IP surveillance cameras from a PC. The new version gives users the ability to respond more quickly to incidents with a site mapping feature that provides one-click access to live camera views and more extensive administrative management tools via its watchdog monitoring system.
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Gamewell-FCI's multi-gas detection devices

Gamewell-FCI, a Honeywell company, has announced the addition of a range of multi-gas detection devices and controllers. The Vulcain-Commercial Series of gas monitoring devices for parking structures, mechanical rooms and living spaces can operate as either standalone units or be networked to an installed base of fire alarms or building control systems. The new detection offerings represent an addition of 86 different devices to the Gamewell-FCI portfolio.
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Coleman's new media control cables

Coleman Cable has announced a new series of media control cables for the structured wiring industry. These new products are designed to meet or exceed the protocols for the AMX, AMX AXLink, Crestron, Cresnet, and Elan systems and Via! touch screens. A variety of constructions are offered that include low capacitance shielded twisted pairs or CAT5 for control, two conductors for power, and an optional RG59 for video. These combination cables are designed to streamline commercial and residential installations.

System Sensor's ExitPoint, now with voice messaging

System Sensor, a Honeywell company, has improved its ExitPoint directional sounder to include voice messaging. It's being marketed as an "audible exit sign." Trials using ExitPoint have already shown an improvement of up to 75 percent in evacuation times in smoky conditions versus a situation with no directional sounder, and System Sensor believes the addition of a recorded alert message will increase that improvement. In between the voice instructions, ExitPoint's integral audio amplifier produces a pulsating noise consisting of broadband low, mid and high sounds.

Amseco's new SB24 series Select-A-Strobe

Amseco, now part of Potter Electric Signal Company, has released its new SB24 Series Select-A-Strobe. It is a selectable candela strobe designed to work in conjunction with a horn or speaker, but causes minimal decibel loss. It has a low current draw and is designed to fit on the Amseco FH Series Low Profile Speaker as well as many other horns and speakers. Listed for indoor and outdoor use, it will work as a stand-alone unit, but is designed to work best with a new or already installed horn or speaker.

Southwest Microwave's INTREPID MicroTrack

Southwest Microwave introduces INTREPID MicroTrack, a revolutionary, covert buried cable detection system, engineered to protect the highest security sites and perform in harsh climatic extremes. This volumetric, terrain-following "smart sensor" offers precise location of intruders to within three meters. Uniform detection across the protected area is achieved via Sensitivity Leveling, a patented calibration feature that adjusts for variations in site terrain.

Russound's ComPoint Intercom System

ComPoint is a standalone intercom that integrates with any multiroom audio system. It offers point-to-point communication and paging from any system keypad. ComPoint also includes unique features such as a Do Not Disturb mode for zone privacy, a Listen Mode for monitoring between zones and an optional Door Strike Release (DSR) module for remote entry control. With ComPoint, users enjoy the convenience of intercom communications and the benefits of multiroom audio, all easily integrated together.

Monitoring America Alarm's Co-Op Shares

Monitoring America is a UL-listed central station. We are owned by you, the alarm dealer. Each company owns one share of stock and has one vote. We are a true co-op; our profits are returned to our owners in the form of dividends. This is your central station. Quality is what most impresses our dealers. This is an opportunity to own your own central station and avoid most of the hassles.
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Linear's DMC-10 Structured Wire Intercom System

DMC-10 Structured Wire Intercom System is the latest intercom system addition to M&S Systems, a Linear brand. DMC-10 offers a variety of advanced features and functions, while being easy to install and use. Installation is simplified by using standard structured-wire design. DMC-10 will support a mix of up to 16 room, door and patio stations. User-friendly interface enables easy operation of all functions, while a sleek, contemporary design offers a new look.
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Guardian's Powered/Portable GPS Asset Security

Introducing the Guardian 1600 GPS-based asset tracking solution: designed for the monitoring and recovery of powered and portable assets, this weatherproof beacon includes a motion sensor, high-sensitivity GPS, zone monitoring, configurable alerts, and connections for vehicle power or a 45-day battery pack. Customers can locate their assets and review account history via a secure web-based portal, while security dealers and centrals can resell and monitor the solution with Contigo, Guardian's web-hosted application.