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STOPware PassagePoint Global v10 by STOPware

STOPware PassagePoint Global v10 enterprise-level visitor management software offers centralized control over large integrated systems, with integrated security, communications, badging, multi-language support, and advanced reporting. Visitor management can be implemented globally or locally, with the ability to customize screens and lists. PassagePoint Global v10 also offers integration with IT infrastructure plus the capability to create a directory of hosts and link to active directory to leverage single sign-on capabilities.

Security Information Systems, Inc.’s Alarm Center SyncAgent

Worldwide leader Security Information System, Inc. (SIS), announces SyncAgent for their central station software, ALARM CENTER. SyncAgent offers a superior method for data redundancy and automatically performs data back-ups from the primary server and archives to designated drive(s) anywhere on the network, up-to-date and ready if needed. SyncAgent reduces resources necessary to perform critical data synchronization, backup, restore, and offers a simplistic interface that encourages systematic maintenance of data.

RS2 Technologies’ LLC SEADS (Serial Enabled Auto-Dialer Solution)

RS2 Technologies’ Access It! Universal access control software offers a totally integrated Access Control System (ACS) with local and remote Intrusion Detection System (IDS) functionality. RS2’s new SEADS (Serial Enabled Auto-Dialer Solution) incorporates local access monitoring, response and management with remote central station alarm monitoring and response. This non-proprietary solution provides total management of all aspects of facility security with instant database control, security report generation and 24/7 unattended monitoring.

Open Options, Inc.’s Access Analytics

Open Options is pleased to announce the debut of Access Analytics at the 2008 ISC West conference in Las Vegas, NV. Access Analytics is a revolutionary software application that works with NPower DNA to analyze large amounts of routine access control data and proactively recognize unusual patterns of cardholder activity and alert operators immediately. In preliminary testing this product has demonstrated an exceptional ability to proactively intercept suspicious behavior patterns in real-time by analyzing normal access control data models.

Keri Systems, Inc.’s NetXtreme

NetXtreme by Keri Systems is a TCP/IP based, access control solution, running SQL-compliant software in a Client/Server environment. NetXtreme imposes no third-party royalty fees. Complementing this software is Keri’s series of NXT controllers, which come in both two and four-door versions and accept direct CAT 5/6, TCP/IP connection. NXT-2D and NXT-4D controllers host a corresponding number of RS-485 data busses which support Keri’s new, fully supervised network readers and remote I/O interface boards.

EasyLobby, Inc.’s EasyLobby SVM 10.0 - Visitor Management Software

EasyLobby’s SVMTM 10.0 Visitor Management software suite provides comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, monitoring, reporting and photo badge printing, as well as web-based pre-registration and centralized administration. The new 10.0 software now also provides employee time and attendance, visitor and employee parking management, and many other new features. EasyLobby SVM is tightly integrated with 30 different access control systems.

Dove Net - The Project System

The Project System quickly does estimates and proposals, automatically creating purchase orders and invoices when the work is complete. It also offers job tracking, job costing, and inventory. Project supports service by providing service tickets and service tracking. Invoicing is very flexible, as Project supports complete, progress, and recurring billing. Project then sends data to your accounting system.

For more information, call 800-355-8302 or visit
ISC West Booth no. 3042

Digital Horizon Solutions’ Eclipse 600

Digital Horizon Solutions, a global technology innovator, recently released the Eclipse 600. All Eclipse systems are Windows Vista compatible, native NET applications that include access control, intelligent video, alarm management, biometrics, photo ID, graphics mapping and more. Eclipse systems meet the highest of security standards including HSPD12 and FIPS 201.

For more information, call 888.592.1670 or visit
ISC West Booth no. 25115

Agent Vi’s version 3.2

Agent Vi, developers of enterprise video analytics software, announces Agent Vi Version 3.2. New features include statistical reporting tools, an enhanced event monitoring application that enables operators to view up to six video streams simultaneously from six different cameras, and a new portal for accessing the software through a web interface. New behaviors that enable enterprises to improve security and business intelligence include Asset Protection, Object Removal, Measure Stickiness and Fallen Person.

Orsus' Situator Version 5

Orsus has launched Situator Version 5, a full-featured release of its software suite that includes significant enhancements. Situator Version 5 provides the ability to monitor, log, and control multiple regional control rooms from a single central control center. Guard tour management capabilities and a debriefing tool enable users to view past events. Situator v5 includes decision-making support mechanisms, interactive mobile and PDA capabilities, advanced dynamic GIS mapping, innovative simulation, training and reporting tools and support for numerous security devices.