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Casts International offers Castsentinel

Castsentinel from Casts International is a video monitoring software application that is PC based and is compatible with Windows platforms. The hardware and software components provide users the ability to monitor premises through an offsite PC or through a mobile phone.

Avery Dennison offers Photo ID software Platinum

The Photo ID Software Platinum is an upgrade from previous versions. The software can create customized badges from a blank template or modify pre-designed badges. The program manages visitor profile information, such as deactivate a badge, ban a visitor and reprint badges. The Photo ID software Platinum adds custom informational fields to collect visitor profile information that does not appear on the printed badge. It can also pre-enroll visitors manually and search a pre-enrolled visitor log.

PassagePoint software from STOPware gets certified by Lenel systems

Stopware's PassagePoint software version 4.5 has been certified with Lenel's OnGuard solution. STOPware is now able to offer integration between PassagePoint lobby management solutions and OnGuard. The features for this version include SecureView, an innovative notification window and a web pre-registration module for navigation and list compilation. It also offers a directory add-on link to support LDAP protocols.
For more information about this product, call Stopware at 408-367-0220 or visit the company's web site at

Cornet Technology unveils iVDO Viewer software

The iVDO Viewer software from Cornet Technology is Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP compatible and enables multiple mpeg-2 and mpeg-4 video streams to be viewed simultaneously on a computer connected to an IP network. The software offers session announcement protocol, which is a feature that automatically detects encoders on the network and creates clickable video streams.
Users can employ pan, tilt and zoom functions to manipulate cameras through the movement of a mouse. The software integrates with a variety of CCTV systems through application program interface.

Axonx launches SpiderGuard

SpiderGuard by Axonx works with SigniFire the company's software that uses standard surveillance cameras and a processing unit to spot flames and smoke. SpiderGuard allows users to connect to cameras in multiple sites and incorporates building and floor plans to pinpoint the location of fire and smoke. The system offers remote monitoring, recording and playback features and voice annunciation of incoming alarms.
For more information about this product, call Axonx at 410-522-8700 or visit the company's web site at