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Integral unveils DigitalSENTRY (DS) ControlPoint

DS ControlPoint is a revolutionary new graphical user interface from DigitalSENTRY that allows users to monitor and manage any combination of analog and IP devices through a single digital video surveillance software application. DS ControlPoint supports multiple monitors and provides a tabbed environment to quickly switch between live, recorded and search tabs with a single click. By supporting all Integral digital video systems, DS ControlPoint increases the capabilities of legacy devices while safeguarding the investment.

Honeywell's Active Alert Video Analytics

Honeywell's new Intelligent Video Analytics software reviews vast amounts of raw video in real time, using rules-based object detection, classification and tracking to distinguish suspicious activity from normal activity. By making it possible to concentrate on meaningful activity and generating alerts that focus on important events, video analytics improves safety and security as it enables better decision-making and faster reaction. It can also improve productivity by facilitating the indexing, searching and retrieval of stored video.

EasyLobby introduces SVM 9.0 Mobile

EasyLobby's SVMTM 9.0 Visitor Management software suite provides comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, monitoring, reporting and photo badge printing, as well as web-based pre-registration and centralized administration. EasyLobby SVM is also tightly integrated with 28 of the most popular access control systems. With thousands of EasyLobby systems installed and operating globally (in English, Spanish, German and French), EasyLobby is the world's leading independent provider of comprehensive Visitor Management solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes.

Improved functions for Deggy Control software

The already known and friendly Deggy Control software for management and visual control of safety guard tours presents new and powerful functions. At the moment, the data of the clients' guard tours are transferred to the computer, and a rapid quality analysis of the tour is made. Parameters on the guard's time of inactivity and on visited checkpoints are evaluated. A summary of on guard tour quality is made available as well. This new function boosts the productivity of the security company, guaranteeing guard tour quality control.

Elk Products announces Elk-RM Software

ELK-RM Software provides a powerful, graphic interface to M1 and EZ8 systems to enable the user to monitor and control security, lighting, cameras, climate, tasks and outputs.
The solution from Elk Products can run on PCs, pocket PCs and PDAs, and is included with the ELK-TS07 touch screen. It connects to an M1 or EZ8 through the main serial port or an Ethernet network.
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Bosch introduces new controller

Security Systems, Inc., has launched the innovative Access Easy Controller (AEC). This Web-based system offers the features of a Web server and the functionality of an access control system in one complete unit. Designed for small and medium-sized commercial enterprises such as corporate offices and retail chains. the AEC uses standard browsers ( e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) and works on any operating system, including Mac and Windows.

Honeywell's Pro-Watch Release 3.7

Honeywell announced the launch of Pro-Watch(R) Release 3.7 software that offers a complete security management solution including access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and CCTV system interface. New and enhanced wizards, shortcuts, and templates make the software easy to install and use.
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Video Insight Releases software

Video Insight announces their latest release 3.0 of their industry leading video surveillance software. In addition to great new features, this release will support offsite storage and revenue sharing opportunities for dealers and integrators.
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Quantum Secure features SAFE converged security management

Quantum Secure provides software applications to centrally manage and orchestrate corporate security in a converged physical / IT security environment. Quantum Secure's unique policy-based approach allows security managers to deploy proven best practices using graphical whiteboards such that diverse physical security systems worldwide conform to consistent corporate policies.
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ioImage offers ioibox trk 10

ioImage's trk product line includes intelligent video encoders, ranging from miniature in-camera enclosable units, to stackable centralized multi-channel processing arrays. Each unit features multiple simultaneous analysis modules for detecting perimeter intruders, autonomous P/T/Z camera tracking, locating abandoned objects, displaying parking violators and alerting for object removal. For more information, call 917-6676616 or visit