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Honeywell Access Systems unveils Pro-Watch Release 7

Honeywell's new Pro-WatchRelease 7 incorporates input from users worldwide and represents the best in access control. More intuitive and user-friendly, Pro-Watch Release 7 includes some great features: improved system configuration for quicker installation; wizards to facilitate uniform installations and reduce the learning curve for new users; better integration with DVM R200; enhanced auditing and tracking capabilities; and open architecture that allows side-by-side video streams from multiple vendors.

Stanley Security Solutions releases IntelligentVideo software

Stanley Security Solutions announces the release of pioneering real-time digital video content analysis software called Stanley IntelligentVideo. The software recognizes, analyzes and classifies information in live and captured video. In doing so, StanleyIntelligentVideo extends the capabilities of digital video recording and surveillance by providing intelligence, automation, efficiency and cost savings. The latest generation of digital video content analysis software, Stanley IntelligentVideo features new, advanced events and filters and interface enhancements.

iOmniscient launches IQ-Infinity

Omnicient introduces IQ-Infinity, a comprehensive intelligent surveillance application, incorporating patented non-motion detection with highly advanced video motion detection capabilities including: abandoned object detection in a crowd, theft detection in a crowd, graffiti and vandalism detection in a crowd, crowd and congestion management, perimeter protection and intruder detection, counting and behavior analysis.

For more information, call iOmniscient at 888-218-3338 or visit

GE Security introduces GE Picture Perfect v4

Picture Perfect v4 Enterprise Access Control and Security Management System integrates access control, alarm monitoring and photo ID credentialing with new value-added platform extensions that include web-based reporting, visitor management and digital video surveillance. The web-deployable Java thin client is compatible with existing IT infrastructures, including Windows.

For more information, call GE Security at 888-GE-SECURITY or visit

Wren launches VMS Software

Wren's Video Management System software helps businesses leverage video as a critical information source across all areas of an organization for applications such as security, risk management, customer service and operations. Wren VMS software lets business users capture, review and manage video from multiple locations and easily access live and archived video from a PC.

For more information, call Wren at 877-206-1292 or visit

Amseco offers new people counter

Amseco launches a new Potter Brand VDP-100 video eye people counter, which uses both a camera and a unique algorithm to accurately distinguish between multiple people entering or exiting at the same time. The VDP-100 is more accurate and easier to install than traditional reflector-based people counters and also allows the user to attach a monitor or video recording device for extra security purposes.

For more information, call Amseco at 800-325-3936 or visit

IQinVision debuts IQverify Video Alarm Verification Software

IQverify Software transforms any IQeye700 into a complete video alarm verification system for remote/central station monitoring. It's browser-based, eliminating the need for costly, proprietary hardware/software for viewing. Installation and operation are a snap, so no special training is required. Simply browse to IQverify and view high-quality live and recorded images simultaneously. IQverify records multiple pre/post events and can export AVI clips for email and archiving.

Integral announces Digital SENTRY 4.0

Integral Technologies has released the newest version of its DigitalSENTRY video management system software, 4.0. New functions include support for IP PTZ and MPEG-4 cameras and seamless integration into Integral's DS RealVue products and all DigitalSENTRY product modules.
Based on the Windows XP Pro operating system, DigitalSENTRY 4.0 features include Easy Evidence, DVD+RW support, and support for up to eight IP devices per DVMS along with analog devices.

Synercard announces Asure ID Exchange

Synercard has added to its Asure ID suite of photo ID and ID card application control software with Asure ID Exchange, the first offering to allow for a one-step process for the seamless provisioning of multiple applications onto iCLASS, Mifare and DESFire smart cards. The new software links physical access control, logical access control, member services and cashless vending services. It's SmartGate platform reduces the process to a single step.
For more information about this product, visit Synercard's web site at

SIS releases Video Integration Module

Security Information System, a developer of automation software systems, has released the Video Integration Module for their central station software, Alarm Center for Windows. The new module utilizes existing data networks to allow operators to view pre and post events along with live continuous video concurrent with an alarm dispatch. It can be integrated with the single, mini-network and multi-user versions of the Alarm Center module.