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OzVison's Secure Network

OzVision Secure Network (OSN) delivers the first infrastructure for the Security Industry to provide secure remote services over IP networks. OSN delivers a complete suite of video services including: advanced verification, WAN-based storage, "look-in," and the industry's friendliest video portal. The network provides highly secure, plug-and-play, end-to-end connectivity. OzVision extends its Ozline family to include the Ozline 4IP, Ozline 2IP, and the Ozline 4 NVR (the first OzVision enhanced NVR for end-users).

Honeywell Security's Integrated Data Manager

Honeywell's Integrated Data Manager (IDM) is a data-monitoring solution that enables complete integration of transaction data with its corresponding video from multiple sites via LAN/WAN or DSL. Ideal for the casino, retail, hospitality and financial industries, IDM uses Microsoft's .Net technology that allows quick integration with major POS systems, slot machines, cash counters, ATMs, online systems or any data-generating device.
For more information, call Honeywell at 800-796-2288 or visit

Dallmeier electronic USA's DIS-2/M

The DIS-2/M is a modular audio/video recording and transmission system consisting of up to 10 compact blades per 19-inch rack-mount enclosure offering the smallest footprint and unlimited expansion. Decentralized components and network-independent technology guarantee minimal bandwidth for simultaneous recording, replay and live broadcast-quality video transmission. Four input and four output contacts are available per channel. Each blade functions independently and includes integrated memory of up to 1TB to ensure data availability in case of network failure.

Cypress Computer Systems' RoboSentry

RoboSentry is a Remote Surveillance and Verification Platform (RSVP) designed to work in security, access control and building automation applications. Alarm verification, guard tour, automatic safety reports, facility mapping, visitor escort, random ID checking are just some of the many benefits. This robot is based on MobileRobots ARCS inside controls and software.
For more information, call Cypress Computer Systems at 800-807-2977 or visit

The Arteco IVS

Arteco Vision Systems' new IVS is a combination of hardware and software components working together to deliver intelligent video surveillance as a pro-active tool that alerts to events in real-time, while recording every second. The Arteco-IVS can determine the size, speed, direction and number of objects as well as detect for abandoned/removed objects or violated areas. Hardware configurations range from four to 16 channels with the ability to seamlessly integrate an unlimited number of systems onto a single PC.

DVTel's iSOC V5

DVTel's intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) V5 is the only open standards, IP-based security platform to unify video, audio, data, access control and alarm management functionality and requirements in one solution. The iSOC V5 comprises several core software elements including video and audio management, access control and visual analytics that create intelligence and differentiate it from commodity video management products. The iSOC includes DVTel's security grade line of IP cameras and Adaptive Visualization Technology (AVT).

Video Domain Technologies' Offsite Visual Storage

Video Domain Technologies' next-generation solution for video recording: Offsite Visual Storage , a must-have business/home management solution, which frees precious time and provides peace-of-mind. Video "events" are stored in a secure, tamper-proof environment and are password-accessible anywhere, anytime over the Internet. For more information, call Video Domain Technologies at 201-735-0429 or visit

Samsung CCTV/GVI's Serenity One

The next-generation SerenityONE enterprise edition is a flexible and powerful enterprise-level multimedia management platform empowering organizations to integrate video, audio and data assets into precisely focused business intelligence for enhanced operational and security management.
For more information, call Samsung CCTV/GVI Security at 888 595 2288 or visit

Cernium's Perceptrak 4.0

Perceptrak 4.0 is a major advance in video analytics for the next generation of networked video security architectures. Building on Cernium's successful 3-series, Perceptrak 4.0 alerts on user-defined events or behaviors from up to 16 analog or digital inputs on a single Pentium4 processor. Perceptrak 4.0 is ideal for ROI-conscious organizations that demand unmatched product performance.
For more information, call Cernium at 877-968-5454 or visit

Wren's VMS

Wren VMS allows to manage and monitor cameras at multiple locations--easily access live and archived video on your PC. Multiple screen layouts and full-screen display enable monitoring. The enterprise edition is well-suited for implementations with greater than 16 cameras.
For more information, call Wren at 800-881-2249 or visit