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DITEK Corporation’s 4-Channel Video Surge Protector

DITEK Corporation introduces the DTK-4VP four channel CCTV camera/DVR surge protector. Designed for head-end protection, the 4VP protects four BNC-connected video channels, with under three Volt clamping on each line for peak DVR protection. The 4VP is ideal for protecting four-channel DVRs, or nine to 16-camera installations with up to four outside-mounted cameras.

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Potter Electric introduces XG Series Transformers

Potter is pleased to announce the new Amseco XG Series Transformers. Amseco transformers are specially designed for low voltage applications. The Amseco branded XG Series transformers are grounded plug-in transformers complete with a power status LED and heavy polyurethane insulated copper windings. The XG Series is available in a 20VA and a 40 VA model, which is equipped with internal electrical overload protection and current fuses to meet UL requirements. Input voltage is 120VAC, 6Hz.

Altronix to show new FireSwitch Power Distribution Modules

Altronix is supplementing their extensive line of power distribution solutions with the new FireSwitch Power Distribution Modules for use with access control locking devices. The new products, available in 4, 8 and 16 channel models, incorporate an FACP interface to unlock doors and enable emergency egress when fire alarms are activated.
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Transtector Systems' RMP 920A

Today's technology involves sensitive electronic equipment that must be depended upon for systems reliability. Valuable electronic systems will experience unpredictable and potentially destructive power quality conditions, possibly caused by lightning and transients, causing businesses maintenance time and costs, equipment replacement costs or customer dissatisfaction. Transtector's RMP series features proprietary silicon suppression technology for effective safeguarding and maximized system performance.

Honeywell Power Products' access control supplies

Honeywell Power Products' new line of access control power supplies are available in 12VDC or 24VDC field-selectable. These units are offered in 2.5A, 4A and 6A power levels, as stand alone or with output controller cards: HPMOM6, HPACM4 or HPACM8. All are UL-approved for fire, access control and intrusion systems.
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Para Systems showcases UPS power distribution units

Building on its experience and expertise of developing and manufacturing power protection products under the Minuteman UPS label, Para Systems, Inc., is releasing its new line of power distribution unit products. Four products of the entire new PDU family are now available for sale and distribution. Products now shipping include units with 8, 10 and 14 outlets with both 15 and 20 Amp ratings.
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Honeywell Power Products Surge Protected Power Supplies

Honeywell Power Products (HPP) announces the release of a new line of surge protected power supplies. Available in both outdoor weatherproof and indoor varieties, these products supply power while protecting adjoining equipment from voltage surges and spikes. HPP relies on the latest technology in designing surge protected products that provide 24VAC at 200VA to power cameras, heaters and blowers, in addition to outdoor camera assemblies including pan, tilt and zoom functions.

Wheelock provides new charger

Wheelock debuts its latest power supply charger, the 8 amp Powerpath.
The PS-24-8MC charger offers 24V of filtered, regulated and supervised power, and is capable of handling four class B or two class A output circuits.
The power supply is UL listed and can be used with any 24 volt listed regulated notification appliance.
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Honeywell Power's new power supplies

Honeywell Power Products has announced the release of a new line of surge-protected power supplies, available in both outdoor weatherproof and indoor varieties. They supply power while protecting adjoining equipment from voltage surges and spikes. Designed to provide 24VAC to 200VA to power cameras, heaters and blowers, in addition to outdoor camera assemblies including pan, tilt and zoom functions, each unit provides three stages of protection to redirect potentially damaging voltages, such as those caused by lightning strikes.

Stealth Laboratories' new 12V DC CCTV Power Supplies

Stealth Laboratories has released a new JR-1200DC series of multi-output camera power supplies, available in four-, eight-, and 16-output configurations. A new offline design eliminates the bulky and heavy open-frame transformer, allowing the product to be smaller and lighter than traditional comera power supplies. A six-foot power cord is supplied, ready attached.
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