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Schlage Wireless Locks Local Power Option

Wireless access control now migrates to applications where battery life is a concern. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has introduced an external DC power source for wireless lock applications where battery life may not be adequate: high traffic environments or reduced heartbeat applications like immediate lockdown, where a short heartbeat cycle is needed. The Schlage 505 Series power supply is configured for 12 VDC adds battery backup to power Schlage WA Locksets.

Dortronics' 7281-EA Door Prop and Exit Alarm

Dortronics is offering a new door prop and exit alarm. This versatile unit can activate a local alarm with the built-in sounder and signal an independent system with a relay output if the door has not been closed within the allotted time. As an alarm timer, it can also be configured to monitor emergency exit doors to provide an immediate alarm whenever the door is opened, even if the door is immediately re-closed. Featuring a unique design to protect the timing circuit against voltage spikes and surges, the #7281-EA units will operate on 12 or 24 volts DC, requiring only 0.05 amps.

Camden Door Controls' Exit Watch

Exit Watch covert door-frame high-resolution color cameras (CV-EX36) are installed on the door frame of the exit door. To all appearances, the unit is a typical height strip you would see anywhere. It provides positive facial identification. It is designed for use in banks, restaurants, filling stations and other retail applications. It uses a high-quality optical lens and ultra-small high-resolution CCD sensor.
For more information, call Camden Door Controls at 877-226-3369 or visit

Adams Rite's Power Latch

The 4200 Series Power Latch is an electrified deadlatch that provides electric unlocking capability for aluminum stile and glass door entrance systems. Typical applications include interior and exterior doors in commercial locations. It offers flexibility of traffic control and an alternative to fail-safe (unlocked) magnetic locks or cutting in electric strikes. The Power Latch is well suited for automatic door applications, and installs or retrofits without stile modification with Adams Rite MS Deadbolt prep.

SimonsVoss's SV1 Lock System

An electronic access control that fits entirely inside the door handle, the SV1 Cylindrical lock installs without wires, modifications to the door or frame, or degrading the decor. Wireless operation is accomplished with a standard transponder, biometric transponder, or keypad. The SV1C brings the control and convenience of timed operation, audit records and multi-level access control and can be configured and monitored individually or through a wireless network.

Detex launches mortise exit device

Detex's Advantex 30 Series Mortise Exit Device provides heavy-duty design for increased security benefits. The Series 30 is ideal for use on primary and secondary standard exit and fire doors in schools, universities, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, retail buildings, libraries and municipal and government buildings. For more information call, 800-729-3839 or visit

Folger Adam enhances its Electric Strike

The 742-75 is the first industrial-grade electric strike designed to work with all of the most popular mortise locks currently on the market, including the Yale 8800 and the Schlage L9000, without relocating the strike prep in the frame. The 742-75 is fire rated for both single and double door applications.
For more information, call 800-260-9001 or visit

Marks USA's IQ_KK Double-Sided Keypad

Marks USA has introduced the IQ_KK Series Double Sided Keypad. This lockset has a 16-digit tactile metal keypad, heavy-duty cast housing. These keypad units are designed for controlling access to security sensitive areas. The IQ_KK Series features 320 users and 1600 event audit trail and can be upgraded in the field to 3000 users.
For more information, call Marks USA at 800-526-0233 or visit

Stanley's MX8 Patented Keying System

Stanley Security Solutions' MX8 Patented Keying System is available in the M or X series. The MX8 Patented Keying System curbs unauthorized key duplication as Stanley is the sole manufacturer of MX8 keys and will only sell keys after verifying that someone is an authorized purchaser. Compatible with all existing BEST figure-8 lock housings, the MX8 Patented Keying System requires little or no change in service equipment or key and core pinning activity.

Secura Key e*Tag ET8-WTD Decorator Reader

Secura Key aims to combined form and function with the new e*Tag contactless smart card reader. Designed to mount into a standard electrical box and use a Decora-style faceplate, this e*Tag reader is discreet and stylish. Available in white and ivory, this reader works with DES-encrypted cards and key tags from Secura Key, but can also read any ISO 15693 RFID tag. The industry-standard Wiegand output makes this reader compatible with most access control systems.
For more information, call Secura Key at 800-891-0020 or visit