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Marks USA's Survivor with Clutch

Marks USA has introduced two new key-in-lever Survivor Series, Grade 2 locksets featuring the "Clutch," which are available for both conventional and IC cores.
When locked, the "Clutch" disengages the outside lever, allowing it to turn freely, so that it cannot be broken with force. Each contains its own proprietary lever-support spring, which eliminates lever droop.
All Marks locksets feature a lifetime mechanical warranty and all standard functions are available in both the American design, with angular return, and the Crescent design, with a smooth, rounded lever.

IEI expands illuminated keypad line

International Electronics, a manufacturer of electronic access control and asset management products for industrial and commercial applications, has released five new keypads offering backlit key illumination for better safety and improved accuracy in dimly lit environments.

SDC releases HID compatible stand alone locksets

The battery-powered SDC E70P Series EntryCheck retrofits existing lock preps quickly and incorporates all the features professionals expect with hardwire Prox reader systems. The PC-managed EntryCheck features keypad and HID-compatible Prox card credentials, 820 to 3000 users, nine management and 90 user groups, 25 zones, scheduled events and holidays, auto daylight savings adjustment and audit trail capability.
For more information about this product, call Security Door Controls at 800-413-8783 or visit

Seco-Larm USA unveils new locks for small doors

Seco-Larm USA has released the E-941SA-80 miniature electromagnetic lock, as part of a larger line of access control devices. It measures just 2.75" by .75" by 1.25", and is designed for use in cabinets and drawers. It features dual-voltage operation and has an 80-pound holding force.
For more information about this product, call Seco-Larm USA at 949-261-2999 or visit

SDC electrifies Schlage mechanical lockset

In addition to manufacturing its own electrified locksets, SDC now electrifies Schlage manufactured D series mechanical cylindrical locks for retrofit access control applications. The SDC S7200 Schlage D electrified lockset features choice of failsafe or failsecure mode, clutch for abuse and vandal resistance, and Schlage "C" type keyway.
For more information about this product, call SDC at 805-494-0622 or visit

Marmitek introduces DoorGuard 100

Marmitek's DoorGuard 100 is a video door telephone system that contains a doorbell camera and monitor. Up to four intercom-connected monitors may be connected to the monitor, allowing discussion of whether a visitor at the door should be allowed in via electric door lock. The monitor has a four-inch black-and-white screen and a bell sound that is volume adjustable. The camera has a built-in microphone and loudspeaker.
For more information about this product, visit Marmitek's web site at

Vistamatic's new Vision Panels

Designed for effective surveillance of secure or sensitive areas, the Vision Panels incorporate clear and opaque glass in a single frame that slides open and closed using an integral lever. Standard or custom sizes, choice of handles or levers and special x-ray or protective glass panels are optional. They also come with 20 and 45 minute UL fire ratings. Logos and signage can be incorporated, and they offer low sound transmission.

DoorKing's Gate Operator Model 9210

DoorKing's model 9210 vehicular slide gate operator is designed for high security applications, such as airports, industrial plants, government and military installations. The 9210 incorporates anti-tailgating and partial-open features that help to increase security by requiring every vehicle to provide access credentials before access through the gate is allowed. It is also available with a speed-control option that allows the user to adjust the speed of the gate from .5 to 2 feet per second.

Security Door Controls Keypad or Prox Card Lockset

The battery-powered SDC E72 EntryCheck retrofits existing lock preps in minutes and incorporates all the sophisticated features professionals expect with hardwired access control systems. Keypad- or PC-managed, SDC E72 EntryCheck features include choice of keypad or HID compatible Prox card credentials, 32 to 3000 user codes, 9 management and 90 user groups, 25 zones, 1800 scheduled events and holidays, and event audit trail capability. Programming and event history for 200 locksets are transferred via hand held data transmitter.

New electric locks from Abloy Security

Abloy Security has announced a new line of electric locks that propose to reduce stockholding significantly throughout the delivery chain by as much as 90 percent. The range caters for all possibilities in a single lockcase that is non-handed, 12-24v, fail locked or unlocked, all easily field selectable. They are available with the choice of motor or solenoid operation, can be fitted to all types of timber and metal doors and be used to retrofit their equivalent lockcase within the previous series.