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Kaba Access Control's E-Plex 5700

Kaba Access Control is pleased to introduce the new E-Plex 5700 electronic pushbutton lock with dual credential capability--PIN and/or PROX card (HID, 125khz, 26 to 84 bit format). The lock is scheduled to require credentials based on security and convenience requirements.
For more information, call Kaba Access Control at 336-725-1331 or visit

SDC launches Exit Check

SDC's new Exit Check delayed egress lock delays unauthorized egress for 15 or 30 seconds, and concurrently offers voice notification, tone, digital countdown display and alarm output activation. The person exiting must wait for facility staff to respond. Features include male or female voice, manual or automatic power-up and single or multi-door reset and control capability.
For more information about this product, call Security Door Controls at 805-494-0622 or visit the company's web site at

Kaba's Simplex and E-Plex family

The Simplex and E-Plex family is the complete toolkit for all your access control needs. Built on five decades of reliable and convenient keyless entry, these locks provide everything from the simplicity of mechanical single code access to the added security and features of electronic access control. The family offers cylindrical, mortise or exit trim locking options with PIN, Prox or dual credential access.
For more information, call Kaba at 336-725-1331 or visit

Alarm Lock Systems' Trilogy Narrow Stile Lock

This new line of PIN and PIN/Prox locks add field-proven pushbutton convenience for 100-2000 code or HID Prox users of aluminum doors with Adams Rite latch locks. The DL1200 Series supports 100 users and is fingertip and/or keypad programmable.
The DL1300 Series maintains 2,000 users, a 40,000-event audit trail and 500 event schedule. It is also keypad or PC programmable.
For more information, call Alarm Lock Systems at 800-252-5625 or visit the company's web site at

Videx's CyberAudit-Web opens locks with cell phones

Videx announces the ability to authorize electronic keys to open locks using a cell phone, with new CyberAudit-Web management software. Users in the field can program their keys on demand by making an infrared connection between their key and their cell phone, eliminating unauthorized entry and security risks from lost keys.
CyberAudit-Web is used with CyberLock electronic keys and lock cylinders. These cylinders replace mechanical lock cores in standard hardware, providing access control for doorways, padlocks, cabinets and containers.

Seco-Larm's new emergency buttons

Seco-Larm USA is now shipping a new Emergency and Pust-to-Exit Button, the SS-075C-PE. It is a quick, low-cost solution to either emergency or non-emergency exit control. Three labels come with each button allowing the installer to permanently alter the message to read "emergency," "push to exit," or "presione para salir." It is 3" by 15/16" and is rate 1 amp at 12VDC.
For more information about this product, visit the Seco-Larm's web site at


Kaba takes E-Plex to 2000

The latest addition to Kaba Access Control's E-Plex series is the E-Plex 2000, billed as an economical solution for access control combining the strength, simplicity and reliability of their Simplex locks with the enhanced security and convenience of electronic access control. It has 100 access codes, and is programmed at the lock keypad without using any software. Also, there are no wires to put through the door.
For more information about this product, call Kaba at 800-849-8324 or visit


Skylink introduces wireless swing door opener

Skylink has unveiled the OTODOR Swing Door Opener, an automated system which allows the homeowner to open and close an interior door without a push, pull, or turn of a knob. It can be installed in 20 minutes with one screwdriver on any door up to 36 inches wide and 90 pounds heavy. It can be programmed with a remote control and/or keypad for password protection, can be adapted to open with a motion detector, and is aimed at the disabled and senior market.

Marks USA introduces "Survivor" series

Marks USA's new access control product, the Grade 1 "Survivor" Series Cylindrical Lockset with both electrified and storeroom function, incorporates a request-to-exit switch. Activating the inside lever for egress provides a momentary signal to shunt the REX output during egress. An optional key sensor is available.
For more information about this product, contact Marks USA at 631-225-5400 or visit the company's web site at

Kaba E-Plex 5000 series now with Universal Exit Trim

The Kaba E-Plex 5000 series is now available in a Universal Exit Trim model for rim exit devices. The one model fits Arrow, Corbin Russwin, Detex, Dorma, Monarch, Precision, Sargent, Von Duprin and Yale devices, among others. It has a universal mounting plate utilizes a LectroBolt mounting screw that eliminates the risk of damage from pinched wires.
For more information about this product, call Kaba at 800-849-8324 or visit the company's web site at