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Transmission Equipment

MicroTek/KBC Networks’ ThruLink

ThruLink devices provide transparent and secure communication to be established over public and private networks. The units are designed to perform behind firewalls, NAT devices, and other network configurations while providing seamless encrypted communication for all TCP/IP protocols regardless of the type of traffic. ThruLink devices are transparent to the network and will not affect TTL, VLAN information, or Broadcast / Multicast traffic. This reduces network complexity and routing problems, and saves time and resources.

Uplink’s GSM Communicator

Uplink introduces full data reporting GSM technology with four additional input zones, two outputs, a built-in Line-fault detection, a metal enclosure and integrated power supply. Communicate to your Central Station in Contact ID or SIA formats by dial-up to any industry standard receiver, or over the internet to an IP receiver. All with the exceptional service and features you’ve come to expect from Uplink.

ISC East Booth No. 940

Telular Corporation launches Telguard Digital model TG-9

Telular advances cellular data transmission with the versatile Telguard Digital model TG-9. This economical product features both cellular alarm communication and event monitoring in one convenient, easy-to-use device. The TG-9 transmits summary data from the alarm panel or controller to the monitoring center using the nationwide GSM digital cellular network. The plug and play installation and flexible configuration parameters make it ideal for both security and machine-to-machine applications.

Dedicated Micros releases DV-IP Decoder

Dedicated Micros has released the DV-IP Decoder to enhance its NetVu Connected range of products by offering the capability to view live video from the DV-IP Server, DV-IP ATM, New DS2 and TransVu, and is an integral component of Dedicated Micros' new Pick-a-Point video matrix solution. Each decoder supports five CCTV monitors, facilitating a viable space saving approach to building video walls in control rooms. Using the network as a transport mechanism, video and audio from multiple sites can be viewed seamlessly across CCTV monitors.

KM Baluns puts keyboard and mouse on one CAT-5

The KM01 Passive Keyboard Mouse CAT-5 Extender, from KM Baluns, allows PS/2 keyboard and mouse to be connected via four pairs of CAT-5 UTP cable up to 300 feet. Working together with the VGA Balun TTP111VGA, the KM01 Balun is designed for using the keyboard and mouse that remote control the DVR or PC, distant from the control site.
For more information about this product, call Foresight CCTV at 416-512-6288 or visit the company's web site at

Moxa releases VPort 3310 Video Server

Moxa Networking's Industrial Video Server VPort is a one-channel video server, compressing at MPEG4 and featuring DIN-Rail Mounting capability, 24 VDC redundant power inputs and IP30 protection to meet the requirements of industrial environments. An extended temperature model, the 3310-T, can operate between -40C and 75C. The server also provides audio communication, RTSP streaming, multicast streaming protocol-IGMP and SNMP network management function.

Sensoray adds to 2600 series of I/O modules

With the 2652, Sensoray has released an I/O module that monitors and controls up to eaight solid state relays via a single CAT-5 patch cable connected to a 2601 communication module. To help minimize errors from electromechanical switch bounce, the 2652 applies a software debounce filter to each input SSR. Five independent interlock circuits allow external circuitry, such as an emergency stop switch, to unconditionally de-energize an output SSR.

Matrox now supports three monitors at once

With the TripleHead2Go, Matrox Graphics now offers a product which connects directly to a PC's monitor output, causing the operating system to treat TripleHead2Go like a monitor supporting resolutions three times as wide as standard resolutions. The resulting displays show the left, center and right portions of the "monitor."
For more information about this product, call Matrox at 800-361-1408 or visit the company's web site at

NetTalon unveils fire networking system

The NetTalon System 3000 networks local fire departments with the buildings they protect, allowing firefighters to examine details of a fire and begin to strategize before arriving on the scene. It reports alarm conditions to all authorized monitoring stations within two seconds of a sensor of smoke detector going into alarm, using graphics overlaid on a floor plan.
For more information about this product, call NetTalon at 540-368-5290 or visit the company's web site at

IFS' EtherNav D7800 Gbps Managed Switch

GE, the manufacturer of IFS fiber optic transmission equipment, has announced the introduction has of its EtherNav D7800 Series of Gigabit managed layer 2 Ethernet switches. As more and more devices are being integrated on to these Ethernet networks, bandwidth can become an issue and by utilizing Gigabit Ethernet there is a significant increase in available bandwidth over older fast-Ethernet. By utilizing Gigabit Ethernet, a network can accommodate the higher bandwidth demands of larger surveillance applications.