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Transmission Equipment

Telular's TG-4

Telular's Telguard Digital model TG-4 transmits alarm signals over the digital GSM cellular network when the telephone line has been disrupted, compromised or if no wireline service is used. Telguard Digital model TG-4 provides the ideal solution for light commercial, small business and residential applications.
For more information, call Telular at 800-229-2326 or visit

Tela-Link's Long-Range UHF Radio Transmitter

Tela-Link Communications has announced their dedicated UHF radio network (StarNet Radio Communications) to be the new communication standard to serve in the alarm industry. This network was developed directly for the alarm industry and only to be used for wireless emergency response. Tela-Link not only owns the StarNet network, but also supplies the radio transmitter (Tela-Link), which communicates directly to the alarm dealer's monitoring center.
For more information, call Tela-Link at 888-207-7827 or visit

Meridian Technologies adds Fiberoptic Transmitter

Meridian Technologies' fiberoptic transmitter card for Pelco Spectra III Dome Camera fits neatly inside the expansion slot in the dome camera and has a fiber optic pigtail for easy connection to the main fiber cable. The unit includes a 10-bit video with bi-directional RS-422 data. The transmitter product integrates directly inside the camera's dome and provides broadcast level video and bi-directional Pelco-compatible RS-422 data. The unit is available in both multimode and singlemode versions and the receiver comes in rack or module configurations.

Guardian Mobile Monitoring Systems' GPS Teen Driver Safety

Introducing the new Teenage Driver Safety solution from Guardian. This GPS-based tracking beacon is compact, easy to install, and includes speed and zone monitoring, power-cut detection and configurable email and cell phone alerts. End customers can access a personal web-based portal where they can locate their vehicle at any time and review account history. The solution is designed to be resold by dealers and can be monitored by any central station through Guardian's web-hosted application.

American Fibertek's Fiber Optic Transceivers

American Fibertek's 47 Series Ethernet Fiber Optic Transceivers provide a logical gateway to a network platform utilizing proven fiber optic transmission with 1000Base-SX Ethernet data system operation over multimode or singlemode optical fiber. The units automatically configure themselves for MDI/MDIX operation with diagnostic indicators for instant system status verification.
For more information, call American Fibertek at 877-234-7200 or visit

Meridian Technologies' Fiber Optic Ethernet Extender module

The Fiber Optic Ethernet Extender module from Meridian Technologies is part of the DigiSlim fiber optic transmission products. The unit includes a 10/100 Base-T auto negotiating system. It comes in multimode and singlemode versions with one or two fiber modules. The Fiber Optic Ethernet Extender module is environmentally-hardened for wide temperature applications. It is available in either a card or stand-alone module.
For more information, call Meridian Technolgies at 516-285-1000 or visit

Apollo's Network interface module

Apollo's ENI-100 network interface module provides the capability for Apollo's controllers and field devices to communicate with each other on the LAN with 256-bit AES Encryption. It plugs-in to the same connector an Apollo serial interface would, changing a serial connection into a network connection.
For more information, call Apollo at 949-852-8178 or visit

APEM new RoHS compliant rotary switches

APEM Components introduces its P36 Series, RoHS compliant, DIP coded Rotary Switches. The series comes in a compact, 7.4mm square package, designed to save PCB space. The series is being marketed toward security, laboratory, telecommunications, and computer peripheral applications. The switches are available in 10 and 16 positions in four output code configurations.
For more information about this product, call APEM Components at 978-372-1602 or visit the company's web site at

Extron unveils MVX Plus 128 VGA A Matrix Switcher

The MVX Plus 128 VGA A is a 12x8 matrix switcher for VGA and stereo audio. It combines the performance of a wideband matrix switcher with the convenience of 15-pin HD VGA style connectors. It is intended for classrooms, rental and training facilities, mobile/field operation centers and other applications requiring wideband signal routing. The switcher can be remotely controlled using the RS-232/RS-422 serial port of the IP Link Ethernet control port and it features Extron's "Plus Series" matrix switcher feature set.

Gepco's new hybrid cable

Gepco International, a cable manufacturer for 20 years, is introducing a new Component Video & CAT-5E Hybrid Cable. It is intended for commercial A/V applications that require the distribution of high-resolution component video with CAT-5E for IP-addressable devices or displays. The coaxial elements are Gepco's 23-gage solid miniature HDTV coax, which features low attenuation, 3GHz bandwidth, gas-injected dielectric, and a dual-foil and braid shield.