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Concourse cable management

DSC’s Concourse EXP Structured Cabling Systems is a single, comprehensive family of cable management products for applications of all sizes and complexity. The Concourse EXP Series features rigid construction, removable raceway, a universal mounting plate for oversized devices, and a Cat 5e module for data transfer.

For more information, call DSC at 888-888-7838 or vist

Euresys releases capture board

Picolo Jet-X from Euresys is a PCI-X video capture board that digitizes video signals, compresses them in a JPEG format and sends them in real-time.

For more information, call Euresys at 866-387-3797 or visit

Greyfox Systems’ launches IP Video Server for Web Monitoring

Greyfox Systems introduces the IP Video Server, a new addition to its Cat5 Camera System. Working with the Cat5, this product allows standard Greyfox cameras to be viewed over the TV network or remotely over the Internet.

For more information, call GreyFox at 877-473-9369 or visit them online at

IFS adds compact version of Orion communication system

International Fiber Systems’ Orion Minimux has the capability of directly inserting up to four channels of video onto the Orion Network from a unit that is a much smaller than the standard Orion system. The product is 3.5-inches high and in a 19-inch rack-mountable package.

For more information, call IFS at 203-426-1180 or visit

Louroe unveils audio interface adapter

Louroe Electronics has released its model IF-8, an audio interface adapter for connecting up to eight Electret Condenser Microphones to a DVR with multiple audio inputs.

The outputs of the IF-8 include both a set of RCA and 3.5mm jacks for connection to a DVR with either RCA or 3.5mm outputs.

For more information, call Louroe Electronics at 818-994-6498 or visit

Vigitron releases miniature twisted-pair video balun

Vigitron has introduced the VI1003 Miniature Video Balun for sending video signals over unshielded twisted pair wire up to 1,000 feet. The product’s extreme compact size allows it to fit anywhere that a BNC can fit. It is ideal for mounting inside virtually any camera housings without any additional cabling. It is compatible with all qualified cameras with built-in UTP transmitter. It uses category 2-5 twisted pair.

North American Video introduces UTP twisted pair transmission products

North American Video has added a comprehensive line of branded UTP twisted pair transmission products to its recently launched line of 24AC power supplies.

The line includes a comprehensive range of UTP products including UTP passive transceivers, UTP active transceivers, and UTP active and passive hubs.

Intellinet announces the DH2

Intellinet has announced the DH2, a surface mount digital hub that is an addition to the company’s RS3000 system. Like the DH1 hub, DH2 routes and learns IR, translates IC’s control code to and from the network, offers relay and X10 control in a LAN environment. The DH2 makes those services available to IP based-devices within an RS3000 installation.

MicroTek introduces the MiniLink Data 900 and 2400

MicroTek Electronics introduces the MiniLink Data 900 and 2400 wireless data transmission systems. These new systems utilize digital spread spectrum technology to transmit date in point to point or point to multipoint configurations. Both systems come with MiniLink CTU software for setting proper communication protocols, checking system diagnostics and testing. The MiniLink Data 900 system transmits up to 20 miles and the MiniLink Data 2400 system up to 10 miles.

VCS announces the arrival of its VIP modules

VCS’s tiny VIP modules are full-function network video transmitters intended specifically for bringing the full range of analoge cameras to the IP video world. Built around a credit-card-sized PCB, VIP boards are small enough to fit into existing camera housings and bring full-featured IP-enabled cameras to market.