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Transmission Equipment

Honeywell’s long-range radio transmitter

Honeywell’s UL-listed 7720ULFPLUS eliminates the need for two dedicated phone lines— providing a high level of protection. The 7720ULFPLUS has eight programmable zones that provide a direct connection.

For more information, contact Honeywell at 800-467-5875 or visit

IFS launches Ethernet switch series

International Fiber Systems’ EtherNavD7600 Series of managed layer 2 Ethernet switches. The managed Ethernet switch is a device that segments Ethernet network traffic for better bandwidth and allows virtual local area networks.

For more information, call IFS at 800-824-5990 or visit

Cypress Computer Systems offers the mid-range wireless Duprex RF

The Duprex RF by Cypress Computer Systems is built on Cypress’s Suprex technology and is used to extend the distance between any two access control readers and a controller. With the capacity to span up to 2,500 feet, the mid-range Duprex eliminates the need for additional controllers and is designed for applications where hard wiring is time consuming.

Passive Optical Splitter from Communications Specialties

Communications Specialties introduces the Fiberlink 6500 Series Passive Optical Splitter. The 6500 Series allows transmission of video, audio and data signals from one fiber optic transmitter to multiple receiver units simultaneously by splitting the optical power across multiple fibers.

DSC announces network line card

DSC’s SG-DRL3-IP Network Line Card for the Sur-Gard System III receiver functions as an Internet or Private LAN, WAN server to up to 1,024 encrypted TL250 accounts including 512 supervised for high-line security. The receiver receives alarm events from the T-Link TL250 transmitter/panel, or from the transmitter when the transmitter is in standalone mode, and forwards them to the CPM3 for subsequent output to the printer and automation outputs.

For more information, contact DSC at 888-888-7838 or visit

Gamewell adds Smartscan protocol on 600 series analog addressable panels

Gamewell has introduced SmartScan, a full digital communications protocol for improved event-reporting speed and accuracy.

Smartscan provides alarm verification per detector and polling speed that is 10 to 15 times faster than existing protocols. The new protocol reduces panel end-to-end response in less than five seconds and supports 198 devices per loop.

For more information, contact Gamewell at 203-484-7161 or visit

Sypixx’s fiber optic transceiver extends transmission

SyPixx Networks has announced Up-the-Coax-EX, a fiber optic transceiver. The digital technology is compatible with several major CCTV manufacturers’ Up-the-Coax PTZ data protocols and can extend transmission distance up to 37 miles.

For more information, contact SyPixx at 203-753-1503 or visit

Grace Industries introduces SuperCell

SuperCell from Grace Industries is a standalone two-way radio signaling system. The system offers emergency alert and call back signaling. The units are part of an independent radio system, so users can communicate, even if local communication has stopped.

For more information call 800-204-7277 or visit

Muxlab introduces MonoPro XLR series

Muxlab’s MonoPro series 500025 and 500026 adapts a single balanced analog or digital audio signal to category 5 cooper twisted pair cable. It supports distances up to 5,000 feet in an analog configuration and has a bandwidth of 20 while in digital a configuration up to 1,400 feet. The series supports line audio and passive and phantom powered microphones.

For more information call 1-514-905-0588 or visit

Altronix offers four output UL units

The four out put UL listed outdoor units WPTV244300UL and WPTV224175UL are designed for outdoor CCTV and video surveillance applications. The units are available in 24 VAC or 28 VAC operations with three PTC protected power limited outputs for cameras.

For more information call 888-258-7669 or visit