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Digimerge Technologies’ D4202 video server

The D4202 server from Digimerge technologies has two video inputs and four alarm inputs. It suits retrofit or new installations where analog cameras, DVR and multiplexers are to be integrated into LAN or a WAN network. The D4202 is a complete network solution that includes two Channel Server hardware and application software.

For more information, call Digimerge Technologies, 866-344-4674 or visit

Schurter adds T9 series circuit breaker

T9 from Schurter is designed with a fuse holder body style. It offers a snap-in mounting. The circuit breaker button extends to indicate when the circuit is interrupted. Its tripping operation is trip free. The series meets UL standard requirements.

For more information, call Schurter at 707-636-3000 or visit

Pulse adds Excelsus Z- BLOCKER Z-A431PJ31X-A

The Excelsus Z-BLOCKER Z-A431PJ31X-A from Pulse is an alarm panel digital subscriber line filter for residences and small businesses with DSL and alarm systems. The Z-A431PJ31X-A isolates high-frequency DSL/HPN signals from low-frequency voice and data signals. This enables functionality of the alarm panel and the DSL service. The filter supports the line seizure and cut-line protection features of the alarm panel, providing reliable dial-out in case of an emergency. The filter connects in-line between the incoming phone line and the alarm panel interface.

Extron Electronics introduces the IPL T PCS4 Power Control and Current Sens

Extron Electronics’ IPL T PCS4 has a built-in Web server that enables flexible, centralized, Web-based power management. The unit has four 120VAC outlets and offers pre-loaded control pages for Web-based monitoring, scheduling, and control capabilities. Electrical current thresholds can be set to define full power, standby, and power off states for individual devices and for groups of outlets. The IPL T PCS4 features Extron IP Link™ technology offering an integrated Web server, full Ethernet compatibility, and e-mail capability.

Communications Specialties' new series

Communications Specialties 7222, 7224 and 7226 series uses digital processing and transmission over a single fiber core at 1310 nm wavelength. The series has optical outputs for point-to-multi point distribution.

For more information on this product, call 631-273-0404 or visit

Comtex DDK-300 MPEG-4 video server

The Comtex DDK-300 MPEG-4 video server produces high resolution video at a low bandwidth. Its configuration is managed through the onboard web server built into each unit. It provides BNC looping analog output, motion detection and an audio channel.

For more information, call 732-449-3434 or vist

Russound upgrades power amplifier offering

Russound has unveiled a new line of high-performance, multi-channel power amplifiers. The R-Series amplifiers were designed for high power output, stable performance, flexible application and great sound. Key features of the R-Series amplifiers include bridgeable capabilities, improved circuitry to provide trouble-free performance and a compact design.

For more information, contact Russound at 866-222-6997or visit

American Fibertek's digital fiber optic system

American Fibertek’s 984 and 984SL series digital fiber optic transceivers transmit eight channels of 10 bit bi-directional video and one channel of data in RS422/485. The units exceed RS250C short haul specifications. The series deliver high density with up to 56 channels of video and seven channels of audio in a single rack.

For more information, call American Fibertek at 877-234-7200 or visit

StarLink from Napco

StarLink RF wireless backup from Napco reports alarm conditions to central stations using a digital network. It supports central station formats and requires no additional equipment. It can work with any control panel. For more information, call Napco Security Systems at 800-645-9445 or visit

Digital Security Controls concoursepro structured cabling Line

DSC concoursepro line is a residential structured cabling solution based on components proven in high-end commercial buildings. Concoursepro is a backloaded system that’s convenient to install, configure and service.

For more information, call DSC at 905-760-3000 or visit