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Apollo adds network based security system

Apollo’s integrated security system connects components directly to the network. It provides connectivity between sites for installing security systems across LANs and WANs. A single-reader interface can be installed at any location, wherever a network access point is available.

For more information, call 949-852-8178 or visit

CommScope provides Mini-Coax cable

The Mini-Coax cable from CommScope can be used with security camera applications like CCTV, analog and digital video applications. The CM-rated Mini-Coax cable is lightweight and flexible. The cable contains a 25AWG solid copper conductor. The cable has a 95 percent bare copper braid shielding.

For more information, call CommScope at 800-544-1948 or visit the company’s web site at

Techwell adds to the TW28xx security surveillance IC series

The TW2834 from Techwell offers four NTSC/PAL video decoders. The TW2834 supports real time DI recording. It adds channel ID information to the video stream for auto decoding and display during playback. Its interface can support up to 16 channel systems. The unit comes with dual color display controllers and dual video encoders. The mixed signal video encoders are available in a 208-pin PQFP package.

For more information, call Techwell at 408-435-3888 or visit the company’s web site at

Telecast Fiber Systems offers Adder II audio multiplexer

Adder II series of audio multiplexers from Telecast incorporates individual frames of 16 AES or analog audio channels to form a fiber trunk capable of distributing up to 256 AES or 512 analog audio channels. This system enables users to configure audio networks to match the complement of channels needed for application. The Adder II can be used for one-way analog links with 16 channels of audio.

Fiber SenSys offers Base Unit Controller

The Base Unit Controller from Fiber SenSys provides a scalable design that allows for expansion with communications through an Ethernet connection. The unit has up to 255 multiple panels, which may be linked together to create a custom system as large or as small as needed. The Base Unit Controllers offer an 10,000 event buffer, multiple input/output controls, multiple alarm/relay controls, and integrated alarm monitoring and reporting.

9 Corporation offers Theon

The Theon INL08000 from 9 Corporation is a point of protection device used with electrical transient and surge suppression for fire and security alarm systems and equipment. Theon technology provides continuous attenuation to filter out interference on the ground line. The device offers three lines: live, neutral, and ground protection. The system uses multistage non-degrading surge suppression along with common-mode filtering to decrease power surges and sags.

EtherWAN systems releases Ethernet Products

The Ethernet switch series EX96000, EX93000 and EX43000 from EtherWAN systems enable mounting and power flexibility to fit industrial control, transportation and applications. The ports provided with the units may be configured for multi-mode or single mode fiber optic interfaces. Management systems for the units are accessed in a variety of ways, including SNMP or through a web browser. The EX93000 is an eight port hardened switch built on the same platform as the EX96000, but it is an unmanaged switch that does not provide gigabit capability.