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Talk-a-Phone introduces eight-channel VoIP interface unit

Talk-a-Phone has introduced an eight-channel VoIP Interface Unit, allowing emergency phones to be used over an IP data network. The system can be used to update safety and security on campuses and in facilities, especially connecting remote facilities to central command centers. It operates on Ethernet connectivity and can be configured to temporarily divert calls to PSTN or PBX in case of Internet failure.
For more information about this product, call Talk-a-Phone at 773-539-1100 or visit the company's web site at

IEI Technology Group's IBOX-650

The IBOX-650 is an embedded fanless Intel ULV Celeron 650 MHz server with a maximum of 1 GB of DDR333 memory. Is has 2.5" IDE hard drives, a compact flash slot, and flexible I/O. Also, there is an external power adapter to decrease thermal concerns.
For more information about this product, visit the IEI's web site at

MuxLab's VideoEase CATV Balun II

MuxLab has added to its broadband CATV line with the VideoEase CATV Balun II, which pushes the limits of RF video transmission via CAT 5 twisted pair cable by supporting channel frequencies, digital cable and broadband Internet that require higher bandwidth performance. Used in pairs, the Balun II features a bandwidth of 900 MHz, thereby supporting up to CATV channel 150 as well as broadband Internet via CAT-5 UTP.

Schurter's switches now come in blue

Schurter has announced the addition of blue illuminated Piezo and mechanical switches to their Metal Line offering. You can now get point or ring-lighted versions in yellow, red, green and blue. The luminous switches are designed for poorly lit areas where indication is necessary to identify the actuation area. The switches are also vandal-proof and mounting dimensions range from 16 to 30 mm.
For more information about this product, call Schurter at 707-636-3000 or visit

Cabletronix has new Rack Mount Agile Audio/Video Demodulator

Cabletronix, a division of North American Cable, now has the CTADM-806a available. It is a fully agile audio/video demodulator for commercial grade headends. The unit is a 19" rack mountable demodulator providing an audio and video output from any CATV channel from 2 to 125, or any off-air channel from 2 to 69 in the 54-806 MHz frequency range.
For more information about this product, call Cabletronix at 800-688-9282.

North American Cable Equipment offers Cabletronix

The Cabletronix family of multi-media drop amplifiers from North American Cable Equipment offers various options, such as a single input, single output and 15 dB forward gain with passive return.
All Cabletronix units have competitive noise figure and return loss specs and can be remotely powered over coax, line powered through an RF port, or externally powered through a "power-in" port.

Honeywell unveils Fusion Streamer

Honeywell's new Fusion Streamer for remote video monitoring and recording is a four-channel MPEG-4 encoder that accepts analog video and audio signals and converts them into a digital packet-based IP format for network transmission, remote monitoring and recording. The Streamer's IP format can be streamed anywhere via the Internet, LAN or WAN connection. It is also integrated with the Fusion DVR platform and is compatible with Fusion Video Management Software.

Extron introduces CrossPoint 300 Series

Extron Electronics has announced the new CrossPoint 300 Series of wideband RGBHV matrix switchers. An upgrade to its current CrossPoint Series, the 300 Series increases bandwidth to 300 MHz (-3 dB) and comes with Extron's Advanced Digital Sync Processing technology, which corrects sync waveform and restores low sync voltage level, ensuring strong image reproduction with any LCD, DLP, plasma or other digital display device.

Belden expands Safe-T-Line line

Belden CDT Electronics Division has expanded its line of Safe-T-Line cables to include circuit integrity (CI), CI-PLTC, and circuit integrity in conduit (CIC) cables. The line of cables is designed to help ensure continued operation of a building's emergency warning systems for sufficient time to allow occupants to evacuate in a time fashion. To ensure their two-hour Flame Test compliance ratings from the NEC, Belden cables feature thermoset elastomer insulation and flame-retardent, low smoke, zero halogen polyolefin jackets.

Alcatel debuts new WAN router family

With its new OmniAccess WAN products, Alcatel, an IP networking solutions provider, allows users at multiple locations to have high-speed and secure access to IT and communications resources from anywhere within an organization. The new T1/E1 WAN routers include one-port and two-port options that can serve branch office networks, and four-port options for large network aggregation.
For more information about this product visit the company's web site at or visit an Alcatel reseller.