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Meridian Technologies rolls out DigiSlim product series

The DigiSlim product series from Meridian Technologies are fiber optic modules using the same designs as the dual-slot DigiFlex product family. The units can be configured to transmit/receive signals from a simple one-way video signal to a complex configuration. The units are in a compact, one-slot module design.
For more information about this product, call Meridian Technologies at 516-285-1000 or visit the company's web site at

Pulse Research Lab offers four-decade frequency divider

The four-decade TTL frequency divider from Pulse Research Lab accepts TTL clock signals from DC to 100 MHz and generates divided outputs. The outputs are synchronous with input frequency and can be used for triggering data acquisition systems, pattern generators and telecommunications devices, for example. The TTL input has alternating 50-ohm/500 ohm input impedance and can toggle up to 100 MHz. The unit includes an AC adapter and BNC or SMA connectors.
For more information about this product, call Pulse Research Lab at 310-515-5330 or visit the company's web site at

Schurter adds surface mount fuse

Schurter's UMT 250 surface mount fuse offers 200 amps at 250 VAC or 100 amps at 125 VDC over a current range of 315. The unit maximizes circuit protection while enabling miniaturization. It's time-lag characteristics can be paired with applications with inrush currents that require sustained fuse performance, such as power supplies, battery chargers, IT equipment. The UMT 250 is available in 100 piece quantities or 2,000 piece reels for automated assembly.

Apem offers 1200 series pushbutton switches

The 1200 pushbutton switches series from Apem are available in NO and NC models. The units can handle up to eight amps at 125 VAC and four amps at 250 VAC or 24 VDC. The switches provide 10,000 cycles of life in operating temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius. The 1200 series are available with UL and CSA approvals. The terminations of the unit's include screw type, screw and clamp, or solder lug or quick connect.

Pelco premiers PelcoFiber

Pelco's digital fiber optic transmission is an eight-bit video/data transmission solution designed to accommodate the high-bandwidth and requirements of video security systems. The fiber optic transmitter/receiver units are compatible to multi-protocol transmission formats.
For more information about this product, call Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit the company's web site at

Sensoray adds model 303 a CPU for pc/104 systems

The 303 from Sensoray is a CPU that comes standard with six. Two of the CPU's are full-featured RS-232's and the remaining four are three-wire ports. Communication between the units is available from two USB channels and one 1000 base T-Ethernet port. The 303's low power Elan SC520 runs at 133 megahertz and is x86 code compatible. It comes supplied with three megabytes of soldered-on flash memory, a compact flash memory card and sockets for 128 megabytes of SDRAM.

DMP debuts ePAD Virtual Keypad

The ePAD Virtual Keypad enables users to control and monitor their personal security systems from any computer browser via the Internet.

This technology operates on any DMP control panel. The system allows contact with children, mon-itor events, or supervise employees.

For information, call DMP at 800-641-4282 or visit

IFS introduces Ethernet fiber optic transceiver

International Fiber Systems Inc. introduces D7100 Series Ethernet Transceivers, which can transmit 10Mps or 100Mbps Ethernet data over multimode or single-mode optical fiber. The transceiver can be used for point-to-point transmission in systems utilizing the Ethernet packet data protocol within an existing network or in facilities where no existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure exists.

For information, contact IFS at 800-824-5990 or visit

AES, Caddx collaborate on interface

Caddx has collaborated with AES Corp. to develop a direct interface to link its popular NX Series alarm panels to AES-IntelliNet transceivers. The result is a direct, full data connection between Caddx panels and the central station.

Compatible Caddx panels include all NX Series alarm panels using the NX-582 Alternative Communications Module. Compatible AES-IntelliNet transceivers include models 7050-E, 7750-F, 7450 and 7450-XL, version 2.0 and later.

For information, contact AES at 800- 237-6387 or visit

Numerex Cellemetry added to GE Interlogix panel

Numerex Corp. has integrated its Cellemetry wireless data communications network with GE Interlogix's newly designed NX-591E module for Caddx NX panels to provide secure wireless data transmission of an alarm message to a central station with the added ability to deliver messages to a subscriber's email or pager. The module offers a two-way communications channel, using telephone lines and the secure data channel of the cellular network.

For information, contact Numerex at 800-665-5686 or visit