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Optelecom offers Optical Add/Drop System

The new Optelecom Spectrastream 64 CWDM Optical Add/Drop System may be configured to add or drop four or eight channels of high- quality digital video in up to eight locations along a single fiber. An optional digital stereo audio, data, or contact closure may be added to each video channel without reducing available channels or quality.

For information, contact Optelecom at 800-293-4237 or visit

Viking reveals LSD-2 line-sharing device

The Viking LSD-2 is a line-sharing device with two ports that automatically determines if the incoming call is for Device 1 or Device 2. On outbound calls, Device 2 takes priority.

The LSD-2 is programmable to use caller ID, distinctive ring or ring once and call back to route incoming calls to Device 2. All other calls will be routed to Device 1.

For information, contact Viking at 715-386-8861 or visit

Keltron introduces DataTap

The DataTap from Keltron, with its new UL listing, sends FACP point and event-specific data via the Keltron active radio network to a central receiver location.

FACPs are interfaced to the 95M3222 DataTap module mounted in a Keltron RF750F remote, two-way receiver. Compatible FACPs include EST, FCI, Gamewell, Notifier and Pyrotronics.

For information, call Keltron at 781-894-8710 or visit

E20 debuts 12-channel transmitter/receiver set

E2O Communications Inc. introduces a “pluggable” 12-Channel Parallel Fiber Optic (PFO) Transmitter/Receiver Set. The new models EM12T250 (Transmitter) and EM12R250 (Receiver) incorporate the FCI (Berg) 10x10 MEG-Array‚ y-axis connector system and are compatible with the recently announced 12-Ch Multiple Source Agreement. The “pluggable” design allows flexibility in system production assembly and easy field upgrade or replacement.

For more information, call 302-658-0250 or visit

Genesis rolls out CatLink 6

Genesis Cable Systems has announced the introduction of CatLink 6 Plus. With the capability to deliver 10 billion bits per second, the new CatLink 6 Plus exceeds TIA/EIA current draft requirements for Category 6, having been tested to 500MHz, or twice the 250 MHz frequency TIA requirement.

For more, contact Genesis Cables Systems at 800-222-0060 or visit

Generation Electronics offers new battery packs

A new line of lithium/manganese dioxide battery packs for card reader door locks are designed to last up to seven years. The Generation battery packs are four times more powerful than alkaline batteries and operate in temperature ranges from 40 below to 140 degrees. The 3-, 6- and 9-volt packs fit a variety of card reader door locks.

Contact Generation Electronics Inc. at 800-441-2833 or visit

Bosch Security introduces digital alarm communicator transmitter

Bosch Security Systems announces the release of the D9062 FireDACT 5 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter. The FireDACT 5 provides digital alarm communications for fire alarm control panels that do not have built-in dialing capability.

Operating with 12- or 24-volt systems, the FireDACT 5 has a 100-event history buffer that adds a date and time tag to events. Five user-programmable input points are available for fire alarm, waterflow alarm, supervisory, monitor alarm, system fault, AC failure, and low battery.

NHC adds S-Video Balun which supports stereo audio

NHC Communications Inc announces its new VideoEase S-Video/Audio Balun for the audio-video and structured cabling market.

The S-Video/Audio Balun allows one S-Video signal plus two unbalanced audio channels to be replaced by standard Category 5 twisted pair in a point-to-point audio-video connection.

Totally passive and requiring no external power supply; the S-Video/Audio Baluns can save a significant portion of the cabling cost in point-to-point S-Video connections, without showing any sacrifice in picture or audio quality.

Infinova announces new fiber transmission system

Infinova has announced the availability of its fiber optic N3584 and N3784 10/100 Mbps Ethernet transmission over either one or two multimode or single mode fibers.

By using Infinova N3584 and N3784 products, customers can overcome the limited reach inherent to copper cabling and interconnect networks more than 20 miles apart.

With the rapid growth of the video over IP market in both security and ITS applications, Infinova products offer customers the flexibility to add Ethernet applications whenever and wherever they are required.

AES Corp. rolls out 7768 Data Tap

The 7768 Data Tap from AES Corp. provides a direct link between a fire alarm control panel and the central station and enables full data reporting without the use of telephone lines.

For more information, call 800-237-6387 or visit