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Infinova adds new Ethernet transmission systems

Infinova announces the availability of its fiber optic N3584 & N3784 Ethernet Transmission Systems.

The new Infinova modems transmit 10/100 Mbps Ethernet over either one or two multimode or single mode fibers.

An Ethernet over fiber product allows traditional CAT 5 based networks to overcome reach limitations which are generally inherent to traditional copper cables.

By using Infinova Ethernet transmission products, customers can extend their local area networks and interconnect networks that are located up to 62 miles apart.

Communications Specialties releases Fiberlink System

The pure digital Fiberlink Flex System from Communications Specialties is a new, all digital, custom-configurable fiber optic link designed to support video, audio, data and contact closure transmission requirements.

The system is available in one and two fiber versions for use with either single mode or multimode fiber and operates at wavelengths of 850, 1310 or 1550 nanometers.

Systems require either a transmitter and receiver unit or two transceivers for bi-directional systems. Transmitter, receiver, transceiver and power supplies must each be purchased separately.

DVTel offers new transmission and switching system

The DVTel SecureLink transmission and switching system enables transport, switching and archiving of video, data and audio traffic over a dedicated IP-based security network, creating a cost-effective, end-to-end digital network.

The DVTel SecureLink Transmission and Switching System allows access control, video, data and audio anywhere there is an existing telephone line or Ethernet network connection.

For more information, contact DVTel at 201-368-9700 or visit the company’s website at

Vigitron introduces twisted pair video receiver hubs

The Vigitron VI6032HR is a 32-port, 1U rack-mountable, active twisted pair video receiver hub.

The unit provides quality video over 6,000 feet of point-to-point UTP wires when used with Vigitron VI6000TV transmitter.

It also can be used with Vigitron passive transceivers for distances up to 3,000 feet.

The VI6032 provides 70 dB noise immunity as well as built-in surge protection and ground-lifting.

There is only one distance adjustment for each video port.

Sequent unveils Ranger 350i

The Ranger 350i from Sequent Technologies is the first television-quality mobile video transmitter that utilizes existing wireless networks to deliver compressed streaming video transmissions via the Internet.

The Ranger 350i can record thousands of hours of video, audio and information while simultaneously transmitting live video via cellular, satellite, wireless LAN and other networks.

The main applications for Sequent products are in law enforcement, military, commercial security, public safety and homeland defense.

Communications Specialities adds 7300 series

The Communications Specialities 7300 series transmits two channels of composite video and two-way data (for PTZ control) over one or two fibers.

This all-digital system guarantees no crosstalk or drifting, and provides uniform performance of all video channels over the entire transmission path.

For more information, call 631-273-0404 or visit the company’s website at

Meridian debuts fiber optic system

Meridian’s DT/DR-VD system transmits high quality 10-bit video and bi-directional data signals over multimode fiber.

Based on Meridian’s plug-in function cards, this system can be configured to transmit a variety of other signals including additional video, data and audio simply by adding the appropriate personality cards.

IFS rolls out fiber optic transmitter

International Fiber Systems is introducing its new VT1500WDM Kalatel video transmitter and data receiver.

The VT1500WDM Kalatel video transmitter and data receiver is designed for use in the Kalatel Cyberdome dome system providing a fully integrated solution. This unit mounts directly into the dome’s wall mount, replacing the traditional power, data and coaxial cable connection within the arm.

The unit allows for the simultaneous transmission of both video and one-way control data over one optical fiber.

Optelcom rolls out digital transmission

Optelecom is releasing a line of nine-bit digital transmission products which are geared towards security and surveillance.

These first models include standalone modules and rack-mount cards that can transport one channel of baseband video using a nine-bit, uncompressed transmission technique over an optical fiber.

For more information, call 800-293-4237 or visit

American Fibertek debuts Selecta-Code transceivers

American Fibertek introduces a new series of fiber optic transceivers that allow users to select the bi-directional code they need to specify systems equipment. The 8885 and 8885SL Selecta-Code Series transceivers provide eight channels of FM video with switch selectable bi-directional RS485, RS422 or RS232 code on a single multicode or singlemode fiber cable.