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Transmission Equipment

Federal Signal develops long-range transmitters, receivers

Federal Signal Electrical Products Group offers a series of long-range radio control transmitters and receivers for wireless remote control applications.

Used for remote gate activation, the transmitter and a push-button router can be mounted inside a security shed. The receiver can be mounted at the gate.

Federal offers single-, four- and 16-channel receivers that can be mixed with single- or four-channel transmitters.

Optelecom offers high-speed data cards

Optelecom releases its 9672 Eight-Channel High-Speed Data Port Mux/Demux Cards. The cards transport eight channels of high-speed data over a single fiber and are designed to work in conjunction with 9961-C and 9962-C module host cards. Together the cards form a system that supports up to 64 channels of duplex audio, stereo audio, duplex data or duplex contact closures.

The 9762 cards are available in simplex or duplex verions and in single-mode and multimode fiber models with transmission distances up to 62 Km on single-mode fiber.

IFS introduces mini fiber video, data transmitter

International Fiber Systems offers the VT1500WDM Pelco miniature video transmitter and data receiver. The transmitter/receiver is designed for use with Pelco’s Spectrum II and III series dome system. The unit plugs into the dome’s converter connector and changes it from a standard coaxial connection dome to a fiber optic compatible dome.

The VT1500WDM Pelco allows for simultaneous transmission of video and one-way control data over one optical fiber. The unit supports RS422 data protocol.

MicroTek Electronics adds wireless transmitter

MicroTek Electronics introduces a modular 5.8 GHz wireless video and audio transmitter. The MiniLink 5.8GHz Transmitter has 10 user selectable channels and will transmit a high-resolution color or black-and- white picture up to four miles. The case is constructed of billet aluminum. The TXM is compatible with MicroTek’s 5.8 GHz receiver.

For information, contact MicroTek at 888-366-4276 or visit the website at

Nitek’s new UTP transmission systems

With the introduction of the Models VB43F and VB43FPD Video Balun Transcievers/Combiners, NITEK has launched a new generation of UTP transmission systems.

The VB43 models can send quality color or monochrome video over unshielded twisted pair cables for distances of up to 1,000 feet, eliminating the need for coaxial cable.

For more information, call Nitek at 800-528-4343 or visit

Optelecom introduces SpectraStream 128

Optelecom has released its SpectraStream 128 single fiber video transmission system. This new version, which is based on the Optelecom’s 10-bit digital video transmission cards, can transport 128 channels of uncompressed digital video over distances of more than 30 miles.

SpectraStream 128 features a flexible option module system designed to make it easy for designers to include data, audio, stereo audio and contact enclosures along with each video channel, as well as up to 128 channels of bi-directional audio or data.

Trango Systems releases TrangoLINK-10

The TrangoLINK-10 from Trango Systems is a point-to-point all-weather outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge that delivers video and other digital content at 10 Mbps. The TrangoLINK-10 uses spread-spectrum technology and can be used with any network camera or video server. The system operates in both the 5.8 GHz and 5.3 GHz unlicensed bands and has a range of up to 40 miles.

For more information, contact Trango at 858-653-3900 or visit

Cypress’ Duprex

Cypress Computer Systems announces Duprex (Dual, Supervised Reader Extender), a cost-efficient and dependable solution for extending the distance between any two access control readers and controller.

Duprex spans up to 10,000 feet using any two-conductor media, eliminating the need for additional controllers

and wires. The systemfeatures alarm output from the central unit, immediately indicating power or communication loss with the reader at the remote unit.

IFS introduces VT1700WDM

International Fiber Systems has introduced its VT1700WDM Vicon video transmitter and data receiver, which is designed for use in the Vicon Surveyor dome system to provide a fully integrated solution. This module mounts directly into the camera’s dome unit, replacing the traditional power, data and coaxial cable connection.

The Vicon changes the Surveyor camera from a standard coaxial cable connected dome to a direct-to-fiber connection. The optical output of the dome is compatible with the standard IFS VR1700WDM or VR1700WDM-CC receiver.

Nitek releases UTP integrated transmission solution

Northern Information Technology Inc. has introduced its un-shielded twisted pair video transmission solution. The UTP Lynx uses a total system approach to UTP closed-circuit video. The UTP Lynx’s components combine with structured cabling to provide a CCTV network that transmits video, distributes RS422 control signals and provides camera and/or PTZ power over the same network.

For more information call 800-528-4343 or visit