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Optelecom announces Ethernet add-on card

Optelecom has released its 9971-C card, designed to add 10 Base-T Ethernet capabilities to new and existing Optelecom systems.

Operating through the duplex high-speed port on selected Optelecom 9- and 10-bit digital video transmission models, a 10 MB Ethernet port may be extended via the same fiber used for the video transmission.

For more information, contact Optelecom at 800-293-4237 or visit

XP series crossover panel from Nitek

Nitek has introduced its XP series Crossover Panel products, a new line of equipment designed to simplify the connection and installation of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) video transmission systems. The products are multi-function units that provide camera power, punch-down termination blocks for cable crossover and optional RS422 distribution.

PC5401 DataLink Module from DSC

The PC5401 DataLink Module from Digital Security Controls allows system integrators to communicate with and send instructions to the PowerSeries systems using an RS-232 protocol.

The PC5401 provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows third-party applications to communicate with the system.

The PC5401 supports a diverse range of commands: arming, disarming, setting time and date and real time zone status.

For more information, call DSC at 888-888-7838 or visit

Matco’s new wireless kit

Matco has released its new ASK-1204TR-1W wireless kit, which operates on an FCC-approved 1.2GHz frequency with four selectable channels.

The system offers high-power output with up to a one-mile transmission distance. Its audio capabilities can be expanded to monitor up to four cameras simultaneously, with channels being either held or skipped.

For more information, contact Matco at 800-719-9605 or visit

Cabletronix rolls out CT-AHP

Cabletronix, a division of North American Cable Equipment Inc., has announced its CT-AHP, a fully agile heterodyne processor for commercial-grade headends.

The CT-AHP employs synthesized frequency control to convert any channel in the 54 to 806 MHz range to any CATV channel from 2 to 125, or any off-air channel from 2 to 69. The CT-AHP meets or exceeds government requirements, including FCC Docket 21006 regarding aeronautical offset requirements.

For more information, contact Cabletronix at 800-688-9282 or visit

IFS announces new mini transmitter

International Fiber Systems has announced a new model for its existing VT1101M series mini fiber-optic video transmitter. The new VT1101M-AC model is capable of using a CCTV camera’s existing 24-volt power supply to operate. This eliminates the need for a separate 120-volt line and is intended to aid with more time-efficient installation.

The new model is designed for installation in a weatherproof

Optelecom rolls out external alarm contact card

Optelecom has announced its new 9912 card, which is designed to add external alarm contact closures to its network management system software.

Operating in conjunction with 9941Ethernet or 9911 Serial versions of the network management cards and software, the 9912 card operates contact closures that track alarms reported by the management system. The company says this is useful in cases where the failure of a camera or other fiber transmission component needs to be reported to an independent alarm system.

NKF rolls out MPEG-2 video codec

NKF Electronics has introduced a field-hardened MPEG-2 video codec for IP networks. The C-20 video codec is an addition to the company’s XSNet product range.

In addition to transmitting DVD-quality video images, codec is also able to send and receive two audio, one RS-232 and one RS-422/485 and two contact closure signals. This allows applications in which not only camera images are switched to monitors, but also audio signal can be routed for such applications as public address systems.

North American Cable Equipment adds RG-59 video cable

North American Cable Equipment's RG59U-18/2-RL is a RG-59 solid copper coaxial cable with an 18 gauge two conductor wire attached. The video cable can be used for security camera installations that require an RG-59 video cable with a solid copper center conductor and a solid copper braid. The 18 gauges, two-conductor wire allows the installer to provide voltage necessary to power the camera without running a separate line.

MuxLab provides passive CCTV hub

The 500130 and 500131 from Muxlab enables up to 16 camera connections. Each camera port may be configured to transmit any combination of video, remote power and control over a single Cat5 cable. Model 500131 features twisted pair output for video to allow the hub to be installed in an area away from the DVR, while model 50010 features BNC connectors for video for installation near the DVR equipment. The units comply with TIA568 wiring standards. It has a 1U 19 inch rack-mountable unit.