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Milestone's Transact 2.1

XProtect Transact 2.1 is an add-on product to Milestone XProtect Enterprise, Professional or Basis+ video management platforms. The transaction data from a point of sale or automatic teller machine system is combined with corresponding video recordings for simultaneous searching, viewing and analysis and export of evidence: an integrated loss reduction solution. XPT 2.1 is designed to help retailers and banks improve profit margins through better detection of theft, fraud and errors in transactions.

iOmniscient releases customized railway application

iOmniscient's application to increase the safety of railway stations assists security operators in detecting not only people on the tracks, but also people who get too close to the edge of the platform. The solution automatically shuts off when the train is at station and restarts once the train leaves the station.
For more information, call 888-218-3338 or visit

Sony's NSR series

Sony Electronics' NSR-100, NSR-50 and NSR-25 network surveillance recorders for multi-camera monitoring, recording and playback are suitable for a wide range of IP security applications at banks, retail outlets, transportation centers and offices. The NSR-100 recorder has a storage capacity of 1 TB, while the NSR-50 recorder has a storage capacity of 500 GB. The NSR-25 recorder is preconfigured with a storage capacity of 250 GB,.
For more information, call Sony Electronics at 800-686-7669 or visit

FLIR Systems heats up with new thermal imaging multi-sensor

FLIR's new Foveus is a versatile security and surveillance system utilizing both visible and thermal imagers. Foveus provides a high-resolution image nested in a wide field-of-view image. This unique orientation provides users with excellent visual acuity at the center of the screen without sacrificing the wide situational awareness that is vital to security applications. Foveus also employs Object Video OnBoard, reliable automatic threat detection software.
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Zandar Technologies upgrades MultiViewers

The FusionPro+ and Predator VC/VS MultiViewers are packed with new features to give operators more control in their monitoring environment. The highly configurable FusionPro+ accepts up to 26 feeds from virtually any source including cameras, satellite sources and DVRs, while the Predator VC/VS Series offers fixed configuration video monitoring solutions (12 and 16 inputs).
For more information, call Zandar at 321-939-0457 or visit

AMAG Technology's Symmetry

Symmetry Video is an open video management platform for video servers, digital video recorders and IP cameras providing integration of intrusion, video, access control and other security functions. Symmetry ENVS (Edge Network Video Server) sits at the edge of the LAN/WAN and stores and forwards activity on demand, allowing for archiving to take place at off-peak times.
For more information, call AMAG Technology at 800-316-7465 or visit

Wren Network Video Solutions

Wren Network Video Solutions comprise Wren Video Management System (VMS) software, professional-grade Wren hardware (cameras, camera housings and accessories), and HP Workstations. Wren's video surveillance experience coupled with HP's IT experience allow the company to offer turnkey solutions designed to help businesses protect their people and assets, improve their operations, and drive their businesses forward.
For more information, call Wren at 877-206-1292 or visit

Aigis Mechtronics' new CrystalVue Public View Display

Aigis Mechtronics, LLC introduces the new CrystalVue Public View Display. As both a marketing device and a means to capture CCTV video, CrystalVue now offers three sizes, 20", 32", and 37", and features like picture-in-picture, text overlay, audio, and multiple inputs/outputs. The new On Screen Display presents a variety of options for ease of set up and configuration changes via remote control. All-in-one adjustable mounting kits are available and all units come standard with feed-thru wiring.

Toshiba offers high-speed camera

Toshiba debuted its newest in video surveillance, the IK-TF2 3CCD color industrial camera. The camera, weighing only 5.47 ounces, can be integrated into high-speed vision systems with high definition and color resolution.
This three-chip device features a 1/3-inch IT-CCD sensor, 570 TV resolution and an RGB micro prism system to capture computer-ready color images. The camera is specialized for high-speed, color imaging tasks. For more information visit the company's website,

APEM introduces 9000 Series joysticks

APEM components, a manufacturer of miniature and industrial switches, switch panel products and industrial controls, has released its panel-mount 9000 Series joysticks. They have been designed specifically for long-life performance in a low-profile package. The joysticks operate using inductive sensing and monitoring circuitry, ensuring accurate operation and control. With its "Locking Cam" system, the joystick offers self-centering and omni-directional functionality.