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OzVision launches Secure Network

OzVision Secure Network is an Internet-based, hosted video monitoring network that attempts to solve the CCTV and intrusion integration challenge. It provides remote monitoring capabilities with real-time access for business or home owners through SecureView, a branded portal from which subscribers can view, record, retrieve and control monitoring settings through a browser-based application, without having to install a client. This allows central stations to apply OzVision's hosted service model to capture new customers.

Bolide's LCD Security Monitor

Bolide Security LCDs provide outstanding color and clarity. The LCDs have a contrast ratio of 600:1 and deliver more than 16 million colors for the sharpest, brightest video pictures. Bolide's LCD also features fast 12ms response time and UXGA 1280x1024 resolution. With the OSD function, it allows you to change your preferences easily.
For more information, call Bolide Technology Group at 800-355-0895 or visit

Aigis' CrystalVue Public View Display

The Aigis CrystalVue PVD System incorporates a high-quality CCTV camera, a 32-inch Ultra Bright, Picture in Picture LCD screen and built-in electronics to produce a sophisticated, specialized security and marketing tool. CrystalVue can run advertisements; capture video surveillance or both. Upon motion, the video switches to alert the viewer that surveillance is activated.
For more information, call Aigis Mechtronics at 877-523-6500 or visit

AirVisual releases IntelliViewer

AirVisual IntelliViewer Mobile Command System delivers secure remote access via any connection. AirVisual's innovative IntelliViewer Mobile Command System allows security professionals to monitor and control their video surveillance systems via a universal and secure connection via any transmission medium, including conventional mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs and portable PCs. IntelliViewer delivers the "open platform" industry professionals have long sought to control video surveillance systems from any combination of equipment manufacturers.

Pelco's new 700 Series DLP Display system

Designed for the video security industry, the new Pelco 700 Series DLP Display system features a 50-inch rear projecting display utilizing Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing technology, which provides high image quality, with zero burn-in over an 11-year, 100,000-hour lifespan. It's only 18 inches deep and uses 30 percent less power than plasma displays of similar size. Each display can be configured with up to 120 inputs.
For more information about this product visit the company's web site at

EE Systems Group looks to reduce false alarms

Hoping to introduce a cost-effective solution for false-alarm reduction, EE Systems Group, Inc. has introduced the eFAR100 electronic false alarm reduction module, a device that fits onto standard alarm control panels. It's digital verification control technology eliminates 90 percent of the false alarms caused by PIR sensors without any appreciable degradation in intrusion detection performance, according to EESGI. It is UL 1023 approved as an accessory device.

DSC alerts over web with T-Link TL250

DSC, a division of Tyco Fire and Security, now has a way to provide secure Internet communications between protected premises and central monitoring stations. The T-Link TL250 Internet alarm communicator creates a fully supervised communication path that runs over either an existing private network (LAN/WAN) or the Internet, between the control panel and the Sur-Guard System III.
For more information about this product, call DSC at 905-760-3000 or visit the DSC web site at

Winsted supplies new rack-mounting kit

Technical furniture manufacturer Winsted has introduced a new rack-mounting kit for use with larger LCD monitors than could previously be installed with Winsted LCD/3 consoles. The kit includes a detachable mounting bracket for LCD monitors and LCD swivel mount. Together, they allow for a more finished look, accommodating up to 21-inch LCDs when mounted in side-by-side consoles.
For more information about this product, call Winsted at 800-447-2257 or visit the company's web site at

JVC offers 40-inch LCD display

JVC announced November 17 the launch of the GM-H40L1G, a new professional LCD 40-inch monitor geared toward large-scale security systems. The 170-degree viewing angle makes it versatile enough to suit all sizes of control rooms, and it features an array of standard inputs and external controls. Further, the monitor requires no air gap at its rear, so it can be mounted flush against a wall or ceiling, even back to back.

Telular unveils digital alarm transmission for VoIP/cell users

The new Telguard Digital model TG-1 from Telular has been built specifically for end users who use VoIP and cell-only phone services. The TG-1 will transmit alarm signals to monitoring stations over GSM digital cellular networks. Home owners will get full data reporting, automatic self test and standard Contact ID alarm panel support. Additional enhancements include 128-bit AES encryption to ensure the authentication and security of alarm signals and programmable supervisory relay output.