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Digital Security Controls announces T-Link TL300

The TL300 a universal IP communicator from Digital Security Control can communicate with control panels. The unit is incorporated into existing IP networks to create supervises security solutions between protected premises and the central monitoring station. The TL300 uses a small portion of network bandwidth and has 128-bit AES encryption. The unit can be programmed locally using Digital Security Controls LCD5500 keypad or T-Link console software over the IP network connection made directly to the communicators Ethernet port.

OzVision unveils OzLine 2CS

OzVision’s OzLine 2CS is a two-channel video digital dialer for central station video monitoring services. The OzLine 2CS has two alarm inputs and transmits high-quality remote video images over standard telephone lines. With its built-in memory, the unit sends pre- and post video clips to the central station for verification. End users can also dial in using the included control center software to view live video from any computer.

Telular introduces Telguard

Telguard TG-7 and TG-8 models from Telular transmits alarm signals to the monitoring station over next-generation GSM digital cellular networks. The system uses a wireless network for businesses and homes that do not have traditional wire line phone service, such as Voice over Internet Protocol or cellular-only phone services. As a back-up alarm device, the units transmit alarm signals over the cellular network when the telephone line has been disrupted or disabled.

OzVision announces OzLine 2CS

The Ozline 2CS from OzVision has two alarm inputs and transmits remote video images over standard telephone lines. The unit has built-in memory and sends pre and post video clips to a central station for verification. Users can dial in using the included software to view live video from any computer.
For more information about this product, call OzVision at 800-385-2317 or visit the company's web site at

Eagle Security Products adds False Alarm Terminator Advantage Plus

The Terminator Advantage Plus from Eagle Security Products is an expandable two-way audio system with 256 zones. The model 1280 features eight microphone and speaker zones. When the unit is connected to a DMP control panel, it automatically activates with the active alarm zone in listen-in mode. This model is compatible with all Terminator family speaker and microphones including surface mount, flush mount and a conformal coated outdoor microphone.

Speco Technologies announces LCD Monitor

The VM-TV17LCD from Speco Technolgies is an LCD monitor that features a built-in TV Tuner with IR remote control. The monitor has a multitude of inputs including A/V in, antenna/cable, VGA and S-Video. The 17-inch color active matrix TFT liquid crystal display provides a quality picture in a profile less than three inches deep. It also supports DDC 1/2B for plug and play compatibility. An advanced OSD control tailors picture quality to the job at hand.

Wheelock reveals access monitoring system

Wheelock Inc. is introducing Safeaxis, a single workstation, stand-alone access control and alarm monitoring system designed specifically for two to 10 door applications. The system brings features normally found in large systems to small and intermediate market segments such as schools, manufacturing, office/warehouse, retail and medical office facilities.

For more information, contact Wheelock at 800-631-2148 or visit

Keltron serves up transceiver

Keltron Corp. introduces the DataTap, which provides transmission of full FACP point -- specific event description information via its field-proven Active Networked Radio. The Intellinet radio network consists of two-way transceivers in a self-healing, auto-routing configuration. Each transceiver acts as a repeater in addition to monitoring inputs.

For more information, contact Keltron at 800-966-6123 or visit

Middle Atlantic debuts consoles

Middle Atlantic is introducing CSL Series Security Consoles, welded steel consoles that are designed to incorporate features to address the increased need for adequate cable management, thermal control, and convenient access to equipment connections. Construction attributes of the CSL Series Consoles Series include a robust welded-steel frame, structural steel-tube countertop support, and fully adjustable rackrail in both vertical and sloped rack bays.

DSC trots out receiver and line card

DSC's Sur-Gard DRL-IP line card and T-Link Ethernet network communicator work within an existing Intranet to communicate alarm signals efficiently and economically to a Sur-Gard MLR-IP receiver. The T-Link communicators are constantly on line with the DLR-IP, providing a fully supervised link between the security panel and the network receiver. Remote high-speed downloading is also possible, with DSC's DLS-3 or System Administrator software, using any network PC connected locally, or remotely via the TCP/IP network.