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Dice unveils Address Validation module

A new module to be integrated with Dice's Central Station and Accounting suites validates and corrects data entry within the system.

This system corrects city names and zip codes, then uses the city name to correct the street name, and then compares the address to a database of block numbers.

The new system automates verifying addresses and helps to make data more accurate.

For more information, call Dice Corp. at 800-786-3423or visit the company's website at

Dice introduces PSAP Database

The Dice Public Safety Answering Point Database contains all U.S. police, fire and emergency medical service authority phone numbers.

The system automates the emergency phone number data entry process by using an address in the U.S. to choose the proper authority phone number, thereby eliminating data entry errors and reducing problems during dispatch.

For more information, call Dice Corp. at 800-786-3423 or visit

Sur-Gard adds DRL-IP receiver line card

The DRL-IP is designed for use with Sur-Gard's MLR2 family of central station receivers. It provides integration within a monitoring facility and adds T-Link network support to existing automation software. The DRL-IP Receiver Line Card can be expanded to support up to 15 DRL-IP modules.

For information, contact Sur-Gard at 888-888-7838 or visit

Winsted introduces data rack

The Winsted Corp.'s Model 91023 data communications rack is the latest addition to its LAN/File Server furniture line. The extruded aluminum rack features a 14-inch deep pedestal base for stability. It is a standard EIA 19 inches wide by 78 3/4 inches with tapped mounting holes. Fifty bolts are included.

For information, contact Winsted at 800-447-2257 or visit

Ademco's AlarmNet-i offers Internet communication

Ademco Group's Alarm-Net-i service, for commercial and residential installations and compatible with most VISTA panels, provides high security central station communication over the Internet.

Features include fully encrypted and authenticated communications, the ability to work through firewalls with DHCP and no fixed IP addresses or separate links required. Alarm-Net-i also transmits signals to multiple locations without additional setup.

For additional information, call Ademco at 800-467-5875 or visit

AES introduces IntelliGard 7470

The AES-IntelliGard model 7470 is a monitoring system for court-ordered home arrests.

The system consists of a master unit containing an AES-IntelliNet long-range radio transceiver and a short-range receiver. A monitoring bracelet with a transmitter links to the short-range receiver. Whenever the subject leaves the house or exceeds a prescribed distance, an alarm is transmitted to the central station through the AES-IntelliNet radio network.

For information, contact AES Corp. at 800-237-6387 or visit

Sur-Gard unveils System III

Sur-Gard’s new System III responds to incoming signals faster than any central station receiver, saving money on phone charges and reducing operational costs.

Features such as automatic handshake selection , digital signal processing patented DNIS, ANI and caller ID deliver fast reliable signal processing.

For more information, call 888-888-7838 or visit

Wright Line offers modular monitoring consoles

Wright Line’s Guardian Surveillance Monitoring Consoles are designed to accommodate video surveillance and security monitoring equipment. The units feature modular construction with ergonomic, sloped viewing angles and wrap-around displays.

They can be adapted to changing requirements and are offered in pre-configured units for 19-inch and 24-inch rack-mount equipment. The 25 configurations offer storage for monitoring displays, CCTV, video recorders, multiplexers, switches and other security equipment.

Optima offers Command console line

Optima Electronic Packaging Systems offers the Command console line with single-, two- or three-tier viewing levels. The consoles feature adjustable shelves that accommodate a standard or 20-inch monitor and provide optimum viewing angles. The console allows for installation of peripheral equipment using EIA rack mounting rails.

There is an ergonomically designed writing desk, which can be configured in a U- or L-shape, and removable panels.

For information, contact Optima Electronic Packaging Systems at 770-496-4000.

Digitize unveils Desplex system

Digitize’s Desplex monitoring system protects secure facilities with 128-bit encrypted data signals. The system is designed to monitor Secure Compartment Information Facilities (SCIFs) and other high security areas.

For more information, call Digitize at 800-523-7232 or visit