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Keltron’s LS 7000

Keltron Corp. introduces the LS 7000, a PC-based solution for life safety event management. The LS 7000 delivers alarm monitoring, response and dispatch services through a secure, reliable and flexible Windows-based alarm management system. The system is capable of receiving alarms from multiple FACPs and a variety of industry-standard technologies.

For more information, call 781-894-8710 or visit

Winsted releases rack-mount series

Winsted has announced its new LCD3 Rack Mount Series console, designed for use in control rooms, security headquarters and other multi-monitor locations.

The new series features a 39-inch profile while still offering 21 inches of rack space. The low profile is intended to allow employees to easily see over monitors as they work. Lift-off panels in the front, back and corner frames provide easy access to equipment and wires while also offering a locking feature for added security.

Matco announces ZRQ-1404 monitor combo

Matco Inc. has released its new ZRQ-1404, a combination monitor and VCR for security applications.

The combo unit consists of a 14-inch color CCTV monitor, quad processor and a four-head, 960-hour time-lapse VCR. The unit features 400 TV line resolution and 15 options for recording and playback, and allows real-time recording and playback for 24 hours with audio.

For more information, contact Matco at 800-719-9605 or visit

COP-USA announces MC06H monitor

The MC06H from COP-USA is a premium six-inch High Resolution Color TFT monitor featuring a strap harness that comes along for installations.

Designed for PAL/NTSC usage, the MC06H is equipped with brightness and volume functions. It is packaged with a carrying case.

For more information, contact COP-USA at 626-333-8866 or visit

Middle Atlantic’s new LCD desk system

Middle Atlantic Products has introduced a modular LCD desk system that is equally suited for single desk surveillance applications or larger-scale command and control environments. The LCD Desk System provides security professionals with a choice of desk units, finishes, mounting solutions, cable management features, shipping alternatives and accessories.

For more information, call Middle Atlantic Products at 800-266-7225 or visit

U.S. Acoustics Technologies releases VIT unit

U.S. Acoustics Technologies has released the Verifiable Video Image Transferring System, which offers pre- and post-alarm monitoring of intrusions, or other disturbances, for review at monitoring stations.

Available as an eight-channel multiplexer, the VIT unit detects events with up to eight variable region motion detectors on cameras with its sensors.

When armed, and an alarm signal is detected, the pre-alarm clip of 10 frames per second and post-alarm clip of 50 frames per second are sent to the monitoring station via the Internet.

ADT introduces SmartEAS RX

ADT Security Systems has unveiled SmartEAS RX, an automatic diagnostic and reporting system designed to keep anti-shoplifting systems operating at peak efficiency.

Honeywell releases LCD monitors in three sizes

Honeywell has introduced a color liquid-crystal monitor available in 15-inch, 17-inch and 19-inch models. The viewable active-matrix LCD panel produces distortion-free images and minimizes glare.

The monitors in the HM LCD product line are designed for use in PC-based applications and provide connection points for video graphics array, sound and headphones when connected to a PC. It also features one S-Video input and one composite input as well as one audio input and one PC input.

Winsted offers advanced console system

The Eklipse Advanced Console System by Winsted is a flat panel display console designed to accentuate the benefits of flat panel technology. Its ergonomic design reduces visual and physical stress to users. The Eklipse is available with multiple monitor configurations, from two or four 21-inch LCDs to a single 42-inch plasma or LCD. A filtered air supply keeps internal electronics dust-free and convection-based cooling provides temperature control.

NetBotz offers its 320 Monitoring Appliance

NetBotz’s 320 Monitoring Appliance is an entry-level, IP-based monitoring appliance designed to protect IT equipment and critical spaces from physical threats. It provides a variety of features including high-resolution cameras, SSL encryption and integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, dew point, airflow and audio.

For more information, contact NetBotz at 877-908-2687 or visit