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GE Commercial Solutions introduces VideoIQ

GE Commercial Solutions’ VideoIQ accurately detects human activity. It works like a human brain to recognize people—not just by shape and color, but also by how they act. VideoIQ monitors video from eight cameras and sends an alert if people are in areas where they’re not supposed to be.

For more information, contact GE Commercial Solutions at 800-343-3358 or visit

NetBotz announces 420 monitoring appliance

NetBotz’s mid-range, IP-based monitoring appliance is designed to protect IT equipment, wiring closets and server rooms from physical threats. It features include high resolution cameras, SSL encryption and integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, dew point, airflow and audio. It also includes expansion ports for additional cameras, sensors, contacts and 802.11b GSM dial-up connections.

For more information, contact NetBotz at 877-908-2687 or visit

KP Electronics’ Samson offers high performance monitoring

KP Electronics’ Samson Security Monitoring Software is a high performance monitoring application, which completes KP’s LARS product line.

KP’s monitoring software together with its alarm transmission equipment is a turnkey solution for small to midsize monitoring applications.

For more information, contact KP Electronics at 888-542-7460 or visit

DSC releases data interface module

Digital Security Control’s PC5401 allows third-party applications to communicate with its power series control panels. The power panels interface with leading manufacturers of home and building automation products, and audio distribution systems to create seamless, fully integrated control solutions.

It is a bi-directional RS-232 interface that can accept commands and send event driven or state change commands to third-party applications and back to the control panel to create shared functionality.

Safety Vision announces SV-LCD50 Monitor

Safety Vison’s SV-LCD50 is a thin film transistor liquid crystal display designed for heavy equipment and commercial trucking industries.

When the monitor is connected to a camera with a microphone, it allows the user to see and hear activity around the vehicle.

For more information on this product, call 800-880-8855 or visit

Signalscape launches StarWitness Freeze Frame

StarWitness Freeze Frame from Signalscape is a turnkey video forensics workstation. Security officers and law enforcement can use the system to decipher video evidence. The video processing system features a PC, VCR, 13 inch NTSC monitor, a 19 inch flat-panel monitor and a color printer. The Freeze Frame allows the user to process uncompressed video, sharpen, zoom, and brighten the video. The system can back up and archive cases to DVD and create an audit log for cases used in court presentations.

Samsung adds display solutions

Samsung’s SyncMaster 403t is a versatile display for a PC or a digital signage application. The SyncMaster 403t uses MagicNet software to maintain an Ethernet connection to network and control media sources and content on different displays through the network. It features Samsung’s Patterned Vertical Alignment a technology in the liquid crystal cell structure for improved viewing.

For more information call, Samsung at 800-726-7864 or visit the company’s web site at

U.S Acoustics Technologies offers standalone combination intrusion and vide

The No False Alarm a division of U.S. Acoustics Technologies’ standalone combination intrusion and video system allows a monitoring station to confirm if there is a verified or false alarm in 20 seconds from the time the camera or sensor detects motion. The system includes an eight channel multiplexer. It can work with eight cameras with variable motion detectors and sensors as well as a siren. The system connects to existing alarms, burglar panels and DVR systems. It features four TCP/IP ports.

AES-IntelliNet launches IntelliGuard 7470

IntelliGuard 7470 house arrest monitoring from AES-IntelliNet is designed to be integrated with an alarm monitoring network.
The device is monitored through a radio transmitter connected to the wrist or ankle, which reports the presence or absence of the person in the home. The transceiver sends data from the wristband transceiver through the AES-IntelliNet wireless radio network to a central location.
If the individual leaves the monitoring range, a signal absent message is sent to the central monitoring station.

Casts International offers Castsentinel

Castsentinel from Casts International is a video monitoring software application that is PC based and is compatible with Windows platforms. The hardware and software components provide users the ability to monitor premises through an offsite PC or through a mobile phone.