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Secutron intros fire alarm control panels

Secutron is announcing the release of its line of addressable fire alarm control panels.

The MR-2100 has a single addressable input Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) for support of up to 198 devices, while the MR-2200 has two SLCs with a total capacity of 396 unique addressable devices.

For more information, call 800-387-8058 or visit

Fire Combat debuts self-powered aerosol system

Fire Combat’s new aerosol fire detection/ suppression system couples a smoke or thermal detector with the company’s Aero-K aerosol fire-suppression canister.

The wireless system features supervised battery-powered transceivers in the detector and canister.

A single detector can work with multiple canisters. The canisters come in various sizes. In case of fire, the detector flashes a signal to the canister, which then floods the area with a dry chemical mist.

Notifier launches Noti-fire-net Web Server

Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions’ Notifier division launches Noti-fire-net, a web-based service offering facility managers remote access to their network of fire alarm control panels.

Available via Internet or Intranet, the NFN Web Server allows users to enter a password and user access record and then view the event history of a fire alarm control panel and track a system’s status, device properties and other information.

For information, contact Notifier at 203-484-7161 or visit the website at

Fire Monitoring releases CAD interface specs

Fire Monitoring Technologies International has released new computer-aided dispatch, or CAD, interface specifications for Open Access 2.0. Open Access encompasses the network, hardware and software required to deliver a fire alarm signal electronically from an alarm monitoring station to the appropriate dispatch center or public safety answering point.

The new version of Open Access provides additional speed, reliability and redundancy.

For information, contact FMTI Inc. at 416-964-7221 or visit the website at

Bosch offers DS291 series duct smoke detectors

Bosch Security offers the DS291 Series Duct Smoke Detectors. The DS291 includes a DS291 Air Duct Smoke Detector Housing complete with a DS260 Ionization Smoke Detector for 4-wire loops and a 1.5 foot sampling tube. The DS291P Air Duct Smoke Detector has a DS250DH Photoelectric Smoke Detector for 4-wire loops in place of the DS260.

System Sensor unveils i3 series accessories

System Sensor now offers a line of accessories designed to optimize the capabilities of the company's i3 Series of photoelectric smoke detectors.

The series includes both 2-wire and 4-wire photoelectric detectors, which are available with or without a fixed 135-degree F thermal sensor.

Accessories for the i3 Series detectors include i3 Loop Test/Maintenance Module, i3 Sensitivity Reader , i3 Reversing Relay/Synchronization Module , i3 Removal Tool and i3 Adapter Bracket.

Ditek releases fire surge protection kit

Ditek’s Fire Protection Kit brings together several surge protectors designed for alarm professionals specializing in fire detection systems.

The 120HW surge protector protects the power line. A diagnostic LED in the kit shows protector status and correct wire connections. The dual MRJ31XSCP’s surge protector protect the dialers on the alarm panel from surges on the telephone line.

For more information, call Ditek at 800-753-2345 or visit

Gamewell intros the IdentiFlex 632

The Gamewell Co. announces its IndentiFlex (IF) 632 analog addressable control panel. The IF632, part of Gamewell’s 600 Series of panels, features SmartStart self-programming logic and is ideal for mid-sized or small projects requiring modular flexibility and performance.

The IF632 is a full-featured fire alarm control panel that can be configured to monitor and control both analog intelligent addressable devices and conventional hardwire zones, providing maximum application flexibility.

Notifier unveils UniNet technology

UniNet from Notifier is designed with new features and options offering operators integrated networking with a comprehensive interface for diverse systems.

Its client-server technology allows easy upward migration as new features become available or new technology is invented.

UniNet 2000 enables operators to integrate diverse fire and security building systems into a customized, graphics-oriented platform.

For more information, contact Notifier at 203-484-7161 or visit

Simplex Grinnell rolls out new control panel

Simplex Grinnell has introduced its 4004R Suppression Releasing Panel, designed for suppressing fire in computer rooms, petrochemical facilities, power plants and other high-risk environments.

The panel controls the release of extinguishing systems in areas where the risk of a fast-spreading fire is high or where interruption to business operations or the cost of replacing lost equipment would be extraordinary.

For more information, contact Simplex Grinnell at 800-746-7539 or visit