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Fire Protection Equipment

PFC-7500 series fire alarm communicators by Potter Electric announced

Potter Electric Signal Company has released the PFC-7500 series fire alarm communicators. The PFC-7500 has one class A waterflow zone with four class B initiating zones and two optional form C relays. The 7500 includes a built-in dual phone line module with line monitoring and a 1.5 amp notification circuit. Both LCD and LED annunciators are available as peripheral items for the PFC-7500.

The communicator also includes a 500 mA auxiliary output, fire drill feature, contact ID, 4-2 or DMP SDLC communication formats and is remote programmable.

GE Security debuts NetworX NX-8E-CF Commercial Fire System

GE Security, formerly GE Interlogix, has announced the availability of the NetworX NX-8E-CF Commercial Fire System. The NX-8E-CF is a 12V integrated burglary /fire product for commercial applications.

The NetworX NX-8E-CF provides up to 192 zones and supports a wide variety of modules and accessories, including cellular backup and access control. The system can support 4-wire and 2-wire addressable smoke detectors.

For more information, call GE Security at 800-547-2556 or visit

System Sensor unveils Innovair

System Sensor’s Innovair with Low-Flow technology is a duct-mounted detector UL listed for smoke detection in airspeeds as low as 100 feet per minute. The product also includes an advanced self-diagnostic capability to ensure operating integrity as well as a cover-missing signal that allows the detector to show a trouble signal if the cover is left off for more than 20 minutes. This guarantees the cover will be properly installed following routine maintenance and cleaning.

WSA announces complete fire control system

WSA has announced the WSA Fire Control System. This system includes the hardware, software and the necessary data for future programming and upgrades. The entire WSAFire Systems product line is included—Series 3000, the WSA fire control system, Series 1000, the solution for many commercial and industrial applications, fire sensors that offer everything you need to meet codes and standards, and other related products in the WSA product line.

For more information contact WSA Fire Systems at 732-334-9142 or visit

System Sensor introduces its high-sensitivity, spot-type laser detector

With alarm settings from 0.02 percent to 2 percent per foot obscuration, Pinnacle from System Sensor is a high-sensitivity, spot-type smoke detector. Pinnacle senses initial particles of combustion, which provides early fire recognition.

Fire-Lite unveils updated MS-9600

Fire-Lite Alarms has introduced its MS-9600 addressable fire alarm control panel. MS-9600 V2 adds flexibility with its optional Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter 14.4K Baud modem and two additional Notification Appliance Circuits. DACT-UD provides users with remote site upload/download and remote monitoring capabilities.

For more information contact Fire-Lite at 800-627-3473 or visit

System Sensor announces reflected-type Beam Smoke Detectors

Systems Sensor has introduced its single-ended, reflected-type Beam Smoke Detectors. The detectors are manufactured for protecting open areas with high ceilings.

The product features a four-wire design and alignment is accomplished via an optical sight and a built-in, two-digit signal strength meter.

Available with integral sensitivity test module, the detectors have four standard sensitivity selections along with two acclimate settings that automatically adjust sensitivity using advanced software algorithms to select the optimum level for a specific environment.

Potter Electric releases PFC-5008 fire alarm control panel

Potter Electric Signal Company’s new PFC-5008 fire alarm control panel has eight class B or four Class A initiating circuits and four Class A/B notification circuits and includes a DACT. The panel has simple programming features for different initiating types, alarm verifications and notification patterns. The PFC-5008 has RS-485 for driving up to three RA8F remote annunciators. The panel is available with a red or white cabinet. The PFC-5008 is UL and ULC listed and CSFM and MEA approved.

Sensor Electronics develops single unit detection and suppression

A standalone fireman that integrates fire detection with fire suppression in a single unit has been developed by Sensor Electronics.

The device uses a heat-sensitive eutectic fuse to trigger an Aero-K canister to quench fires. The canister floods the area with a fine dry aerosol that chemically smothers fires and prevents reflashes. The unit is self-contained and it does not need remote fire/smoke detectors or external power.

For more information, contact Sensor Electronics at 800-285-3651.

FCI unveils the System Sensor 5600 series mechanical heat detector

Fire Control Instruments introduces the System Sensor 5600 series mechanical heat detector, a means for property protection against fire and for non-life safety installations where smoke detectors are inappropriate.