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FCI launches NetSolo Classic

FCI Honeywell’s NetSolo Classic offers a solution for a broad scope of commercial, industrial and institutional applications requiring high wattage amplification. Developed for both stability and flexibility, the NetSolo Classic utilizes the technology of the 7100 series fire alarm control panel with expanded capabilities.

For more information on this product, contact FCI Honeywell at 781-471-3000 or visit

Honeywell adds fire power supply line

Honeywell Power Products has added two fire alarm power supplies. The HPF602ULADA and HPF902ULADA connect to control panels to power notification appliance circuits. The products deliver 6.0 or 9.0 amps and have built-in synchronization protocols for strobes yet are cost-effective supplies.

For more information on this product, contact Honeywell Power Products at 203-484-7161 or visit the company’s web site at

Keltron announces the Fire Dialer

The Keltron Fire Dialer is a solution that accepts serial FACP data to enable precise response to fire alarms. The Fire Dialer enhances an FACP57’s ability to send detector-specific fire alarm information through a telephone network and to on- or off-site receivers using dual reporting.

For more information, contact Keltron at 781-894-8710 or visit

Faraday’s pair of fire alarm panels

Designed for small to medium sized installations, the MPC-6000 and MPC-7000 panels from Faraday offer more than 500 programmable points on a single loop, polarity insensitive operation, addressable devices that operate on standard wire with networking capabilities.The MPC-6000 is a single-loop fire alarm panel that supports up to 252 addressable inputs and 252 signal/relay outputs. The MPC-7000 increases system capability, with a two-loop base that is expandable to three or four loops.

Siemens adds audio to FireFinder detector

Siemens Building Technologies, Fire Safety Division has integrated a range of audio capabilities into its recently introduced FireFinder intelligent fire detector system. Its eight-channel digital voice amplifiers operate in the 200 Hz to 12 KHz ranges, which permit the frequency response necessary to listen and enjoy background music.

In addition to its primary use for voice/evacuation in case of emergency, the audio system may be used to provide building-wide communication with “surround sound” background music and convenience paging.

Notifier launches Onyx series of advanced fire detection products

Notifer’s Onyx series includes a fire alarm control panel, detectors, power supplies and audio transponders. As part of the series, products include the 640 Fire Alarm Control Panel; ACPS Addressable Power Supply; XPIQ multi-channel audio transponder; RFX wireless detection systems and the Acclimate plus detector.

Products offer network, panel and peripheral device designs. Onyx products will be capable of interfacing with existing Notifier products.

For more information call Notifier, call 203-484-7161 or visit

Beldon CDT Electronics introduces New Generation Safe-T-Line CI cables

Beldon CDT Electronics New Generation Safe-T-Line circuit integrity cables are designed for use in high-rise and other buildings equipped with emergency warning and / or life safety evacuation systems. The riser-rated Safe-T-Line cables feature flame retardant, low smoke and zero halogen construction materials to ensure the continued operation of emergency warning systems for at least two hours. The cables are 300V rated and NEC-designated as CI cables. The line consists of 24 multi-conductor riser-rated cables UL listed as type FPLR power limited fire alarm riser cable.

Gentex announces mass notification device

Gentex's mass notification devices include a wall mount, strobe and horn and strobe.

Each unit is weatherproof and is available in amber, green, blue and red colored lens.

For more information, call Gentex at 800-436-8391 or visit

Siemens Building Technologies introduces Device Programmer and Loop Tester

The Device Programmer and Loop Tester Unit from Siemens Building Technologies allow the installer to test and verify the correct connection of fire panel devices as the unit is being installed. It can test the device communication of an entire loop of up to 252 devices. The unit indicates shorts, ground faults and communication with all devices before connecting to an active fire panel.

For more information, call Siemens Building Technologies at 954-377-9503 or visit the company’s web site at

System Sensor's outdoor speaker and strobe

The SP201K and SP2R1224MCK outdoor speaker strobes by System Sensor are fire protection voice evacuation systems suitable for applications in parking garages, stadiums and balconies. Both units are Underwriters Laboratories listed for temperatures from -40 degrees to 151 degrees Fahrenheit.
Each product features low total harmonic distortion and wide frequency response.
For more information about this product, call System Sensor at 800-736-7672 or visit the company's web site at