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Fire Protection Equipment

Gamewell-FCI's FocalPoint

FocalPoint is a centralized monitoring solution that allows campus-like properties to easily monitor multiple fire alarm control panels of varied age and sophistication from one (or more) centrally located workstation(s). FocalPoint's intuitive workstation and customizable graphic displays allow users to identify and track all emergency incidents easily.

For more information, call Gamewell-FCI at 203-484-7161 or visit

SDi allows you to Chekkit

How do you really know if that smoke detector is working? Well, SDi allows you to test the detector with its new Chekkit Smoke, a hand-held smoke detector tester aerosol.
UL-listed, the aerosol uses a detector manufacturer approved formula and is available in 1.4oz and 6oz sizes. It meets and exceeds all the relevant fire industry standards, providing effective and consisting testing ability. There is no flammable or toxic content included in the product.

Bilco's new line of fire vents

Biloc's automatic fire vents are designed to maximize fire containment and life safety and minimize damage and material loss, bringing a fire under control by removing smoke, heat and gases from a burning building. Fire vents are most successfully used in factories, warehouses, retail stores, convention centers and other structures with large open spaces. Bilco vents are available in single-leaf models for smaller, more confined areas.
For more information about this product, call Bilco at 203-934-6363 or visit

System Sensor's new Beam200

System Sensor has released a new intelligent, single-ended, reflected-type BEAM200 Smoke Detector, for protecting open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain. Alignment via an optical sight and two-digit signal strength meter makes installation of the BEAM200 easier than dual-ended projected beam detectors. The product is listed for operation from -22F to 131F and provides 16- to 328-foot protection coverage.

System Sensor releases new ExitPoint sounder

System Sensor's new ExitPoint sounder uses directional sound to identify escape routes leading to perimeter exits. Fitted in conjunction with normal building evacuation sounders, ExitPoint offers a way to draw people to exits in perfect visibility and in smoke. The system can even guide people up and down stairs.
For more information about this product, call System Sensor at 800-736-7672 or visit

Vistamatic's new Vision Panels

Designed for effective surveillance of secure or sensitive areas, the Vision Panels incorporate clear and opaque glass in a single frame that slides open and closed using an integral lever. Standard or custom sizes, choice of handles or levers and special x-ray or protective glass panels are optional. They also come with 20 and 45 minute UL fire ratings. Logos and signage can be incorporated, and they offer low sound transmission.

NetTalon unveils fire networking system

The NetTalon System 3000 networks local fire departments with the buildings they protect, allowing firefighters to examine details of a fire and begin to strategize before arriving on the scene. It reports alarm conditions to all authorized monitoring stations within two seconds of a sensor of smoke detector going into alarm, using graphics overlaid on a floor plan.
For more information about this product, call NetTalon at 540-368-5290 or visit the company's web site at

Honeywell announces expanded fire alarm power supplies

Honeywell Power Products, a provider of power supplies for the fire, video, access control and intrusion markets has just released two compact power supplies for the fire market. The HPF24S6 and HPF24S8 function as stand-alone supplies or as triggered by any 12 or 24 volt fire alarm panel, and deliver six or eight amps through four class B or two class A output circuits. They are in compliance with NFPA 72, UL 864 and UL 1481.
For more information about this product, call Honeywell at 203-484-7161 or visit

Fire-Lite Alarms' IPDACT

Fire-Lite Alarms introduces IPDACT, an IP communicator for fire alarm panels. The IPDACT communicator transmits information generated by a fire alarm control panel to a central station via the Internet. The IPDACT can utilize any Ethernet network connection such as ADSL, cable modem, and T1. Compatible with a majority of new Fire-Lite control panels, the IPDACT communicator allows for alarm transmissions of less than one second, which improves response time and minimizes costs.

axonX's SigniFire

AxonX presents SigniFire, the future of fire detection. A patented, performance-validated intelligent video fire, smoke and intrusion detection system, SigniFire uses existing CCTV infrastructure, providing early warning at long range and reducing false alarms with instant visual verification. Detecting fire-related threats faster significantly reduces risk due to loss of property, contents and business interruption.
For more information, call axonX at 410-472-6590 or visit