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Fire Protection Equipment

Harrington Signal's FireSpy Agent P110

The P110 Single Loop Fire alarm system supports 99 detectors and 99 function modules. A point dialer is standard, and there is an Auto Learn feature for quick installation and configuration.
For more information, call Harrington Signal at 800-577-5758 or visit

Silent Knight's Expanded IntelliKnight Series

Silent Knight's newly designed addressable fire-alarm control panels offer enhanced features and benefits. The new panels now support synchronization of System Sensory A/V appliances and a USB programming port. The 5820XL boasts an improved power supply capacity of six amps and a new deaf-front option that allows for reset, silence and acknowledge functions without requiring a user code or operator's key. Also, the IntelliKnight control panels are UL 9th Edition Listed, keeping up-to-code with the latest regulatory compliance requirements.

Bosch's FCP-500 Series Smoke Detectors

Top-quality smoke detectors no longer have to ruin carefully designed interiors. Bosch's flush-mounted FCP-500 Series detectors virtually disappear into their environment and they can even be color-matched to most ceilings. Dual "virtual" chambers and an optional carbon monoxide sensor provide a high level of protection while virtually eliminating unwanted alarms. The detector automatically compensates for dirt buildup on the lens and it signals the panel when dirty or completely blocked by a foreign object.

Wheelock's Powerpath, PS-24-8MC

The Powerpath, PS-24-8MC, battery supply/charger is an 8 AMP, 24VDC, supervised remote power supply/charger used for supervision and expanded power driving capability for fire alarm notification appliance circuits.
For more information, call Wheelock at 800-631-2148 or visit

System Sensor's SpectrAlert Advance

System Sensor's new SpectrAlert Advance series of audible/visible notification appliances contains wall-mount horns, strobes, horn/strobes, chimes and chime strobes, as well as ceiling mount strobes and horn/strobes. SpectrAlert Advance features a plug-in design that allows installers to pre-wire mounting plates and check wiring continuity before installing any devices. For more information, call System Sensor at 800-736-7672 or visit

Fire-Lite unveils new line of addressable fire panels

Fire-Lite Alarms a division of Honeywell Security, has released a complete new line of addressable fire alarm control products, all of which utilize a common enclosure with quick-remove electronics mounted on a metal chassis. The MS-9050UD combines a fire alarm control panel and a digital alarm communicator into one circuit board. The MS-9600LS is a two loop advanced addressable fire alarm control panel. The MS-9200UDLS is a single loop panel supporting 99 detectors and modules.

Vistamatic Vision panels now with UL ratings

Vistamatic Vision panels, using 16-guage metal frames and intumescent glazing compound, were tested to UL 20- and 45-minute fire retardant and hose stream test for window assemblies. They were judged to comply with UL 9 abd /ybc 7-4 standards. They also now conform to British ISO fire test standards.
For more information about this product, call Vistamatic at 954-603-0507 or visit the company's web site at

Wheelock unveils new ceiling-mount speakers and speaker strobes

To complement its line of fire life safety products, Wheelock has introduced the new Series E60 appliances. The new family of ceiling-mount products feature Wheelock's patented Multi-Candela ceiling strobes with field selectable intensities of 15/30/75/95cd or the high intensity strobe which can be toggled from 115 to 177cd. Each incorporates a speaker mounting plate for convenient installation and no visible mounting screws.

Potter panel can now do chemical, too

Potter's new PFC-4410-RC panel updates its existing PFC-4410 panel so that it is now listed for both water and chemical releasing, rather than just water. In all other ways, it is the same panel with the same interface, just more applications. It has five Class B initiating zones, four programmable Class B outlets, 20 pre-configured programs, a 40 event history buffer and a one-man walk test capability.
For more information about this product, call Potter at 800-325-3936 or visit the company's web site at

Semotus, Siemens Building Technologies offer wireless fire panel alerts

Semotus' HipLinkXS, a software solution for mobility, integrates with Siemens' fire safety products. The HipLinkXS is a wireless communication that provides automated alerts and critical messaging capabilities. The partnership provides additional forms of notification on alarm information, such as fire safety panels.
For more information about this product, call Siemens Building Technologies at 847- 215-1000 or visit the company's web site at