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Fire Protection Equipment

System Sensor adds detectors

System Sensor's 5600 Mechanical Heat Detector series include four single-circuit and four dual-circuit models.
The units are offered with either fixed temperature or combination fixed and rate-of-rise sensors, in either 135 degree or 194 degree temperature ratings.
For more information about this product, call System Sensor at 800-736-7672 or visit the company's web site at

STI adds STI Select-Alert

The STI SA500 is a combination of an alarm and a bright flashing LED that offers protection as a cabinet alarm, or door and exit alarm.
The flashing light is linked with a push button and switch. With independent strobe and siren timing, the user has a choice of 32 alarm tones. The unit is available with amber, green, blue, red or white lens.
For more information about this product, call 248-673-9898 or visit the company's web site at

Tyco Fire & Security introduces non-magnetic fire extinguisher

The Ansul Cleanguard, from Tyco Fire & Security is a Halon 1211 replacement portable fire extinguisher for use in hazard areas that require portable non-magnetic fire suppression such as magnetic resonance imaging rooms. The unit is discharged as liquid droplets that flash into a stream of gas as the extinguishing agents penetrates the fire area and stops the combustion process through heat absorption and a chemical interaction. The extinguisher has color-coded pressure gauges that provide visual indication of unit readiness.

Gentex releases strobe

The new GC series ceiling mount units from Gentex are 24VDC or FWR and have a field selectable strobe of 15, 30, 75, 95, or 115 Candela. They offer a low current draw of 73mA-220mA depending on candela selection. The Commander has a temporal or continuous tone selection. These signaling appliances are UL 464/1971 listed for use with fire protective systems and are warranted for three years from the date of purchase. Units are available in red or off-white textured finish.

Fire-Lite serves up evax panel

The Fire Command 25/50X is an emergency voice evacuationcontrol panel, with full supervision in both active (alarm or music) and standby conditions, optional remote microphone, message and tone generator backups, independent power feed to each amplifier, and full output power per amplifier (including when using the 70VRMS option) generated while in low battery condition. The unit can be used as an adjunct to most UL listed fire alarm control panels.

For more information, contact Fire-Lite at 800-627-3473 or visit

Interlogix adds ESL 500N series smoke detectors

The ESL 500N series conventional 2&4 wire photoelectric smoke detectors from Interlogix have intelligent software and digitally processed sensing capabilities. This intelligence coupled with an ESL patented optical sensing chamber allows the ESL 500N series to accurately detect smoke. CleanMe compatible software, self-diagnostics and dust (drift) compensation are standard.

The ESL 500N series also offers optional auxiliary relays, rate of rise/fixed temperature heat sensors and isolated heat sensors.

Faraday debuts Clear-Speak Plus

Faraday LLC introduces the Clear-Speak Plus Fire Alarm Speaker. The 1/16 to four watt speaker requires half the power of a typical fire alarm speaker. It is UL tested at 79.1 dB at the 1/16 watt tap and 95.3 dB at the 4 watt tap setting with or without a strobe. It is field selectable with either a 25 volt or 70.7 volt voice evacuation system.

For information, call Faraday at 517-423-2111 or visit

System Sensor debuts Innovair

System Sensor's Innovair Duct Smoke Detector is designed to work with newer HVAC systems, offering UL Listed detectors for duct speeds as low as 100 feet per minute to an upper range of 4,000 feet per minute.

For more information, contact System Sensor at 800-736-7672 or visit

Edwards intros FireShield panels

Edwards Systems Technology's FireShield family of fire alarm control panels provides three, five, or 10 zones of conventional control for small to medium sized applications. The optional integrated DACT dialer offers automatic remote or central station dialing.

For more information, contact Edwards at 203-699-3146.

Radionics offers up D6600

The D6600 NetCom Fire Alarm Reporting System from Radionic is among the first fire alarm reporting system to receive a UL 864 listing for communication of fire alarms over private data networks and the Internet. The D6600 NetCom Fire Alarm Reporting System combines the features of the D6600 Digital Central Station Receiver/Gateway with alarm communications over a data network.

For more information, contac Radionics at 800-538-5807 or visit