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Fire Protection Equipment

DSC debuts Power864CF commercial fire system

Digital Security Controls Ltd. releases the Power864CF system, the latest enhancement to its Power-Series control panels.

The CF version adds a commercial fire system with UL 864 listing for central station commercial fire monitoring.

ITI introduces Advent Fire

ITI's Advent Fire software makes it the flexible choice in fire alarm signaling panels. Its design-and-build capabilities take advantage of built-in features such as voice evacuation and agent release.

Advent Fire's modem and three megabytes of flash memory make the panel's operating system easy to upgrade, so users can maintain code compliance without replacing the panel.

It also features 2.5 amps of power and is expandable.

For information, contact ITI at 800-777-1415 or visit

Wheelock introduces audio system

Wheelock Inc. is introducing the SAFEPATH 4 family of products. The model SP40/2 is a supervised facility communications system that combines paging, employee notification, background music and emergency voice evacuation in one system.

The SAFEPATH 4 with the SP40/2 is designed to allow retailers, industrial sites and government facilities to benefit from the newly amended National Alarm Fire Code, which now allows fire alarm circuitry, amplifiers and speakers to be utilized for other purposes other than emergencies.

STI brings out stainless steel web stoppers

Safety Technology International announces a new series of heavy-duty, nine-gauge stainless steel wire guards to protect smoke detectors in applications involving food as well as food processing, water treatment plants and other uses. The stainless steel web stoppers incorporate a patented web-like octagon shape that simulates a spider's web for added strength. Three sizes are available, including two for flush mounting and one for surface mounting. For added protection against abuse, tamper-resistant hardware is available.

Silent Knight releases IntelliKnight 5808

Silent Knight's Intelli-Knight 5808 features 127 addressable points and a built in communicator with report by point capability.

The addressable devices use an advanced digital protocol that utilizes standard wiring, no twisted or shielded cable is required making the system ideal for new and retrofit applications.

For information call Silent Knight 800-446-6444 or visit

Gentex releases SSPK Series speaker and speaker strobe

Gentex's new SSPK speaker and speaker/strobe series are 24VDC or FWR and provide a 25 or 70.7 VRMs speaker with field selectable power taps of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 2, or 4 watts.

Using the Gentex AVS44 control module you can synchronize the strobes. The SSPK series grills are constructed of high impact textured plastic and are warranted for three years from the date of purchase. Speakers can be flush wall mounted to a standard 4 inch square x 2-1/8 inch deep backbox.

For information, call 800-436-8391 or visit

Wheelock introduces supervised audio

Wheelock Inc.'s SAFEPATH4 model SP40/2 is a supervised facility communications system that combines paging, employee notification, background music and emergency voice evacuation into one system.

The SAFEPATH4 family with SP40/2 is designed to have users benefit from the amended National Fire Alarm Code, which allows fire alarm circuitry, amplifiers and speakers to be used for non-emergency purposes.

For information, visit or contact Wheelock at 800-631-2148.

System Sensor offers new flow switch tester called Zonecheck

A new series of inline flow switch testers that can help prevent Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is available from System Sensor, a developer of fire and notification devices.

Wheelock locks in multi-media strobe

The Multi-Candela strobe has been incorporated intoWheelock's Series RSS Strobes, Series RSSP Strobe Plates, Series NS/NS4 Horn Strobes, Series AS Audible Strobes, Series CH Chimes and both Series E and ET Speaker Strobes.

The SPEC1FIRE family of fire alarm multi-candela appliances allows field selectable candela settings of 15, 30, 75 or 110 CD.

For more information, call Wheelock at 800-631-2148 or visit

Notifier debuts wireless detection

Notifier introduces its RFX Wireless Interface System, which facilitates fire detection in wireless applications.

The RFX system uses a translation device to allow communication between a Notifier fire alarm control panel and up to 80 wireless detectors, and operates within a 60-foot radius in any direction from the receiver.

For more information, contact Notifier at 203-484-7161 or visit