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Fire Protection Equipment

Radionics releases multiplex devices

A complete line of multiplex devices featuring easy-to-use rotary address switches is available for Radionics' D7024.

The addressable smoke detectors, available in spot- and duct-type models, provide a dirty detector signal at the control panel by point. The comprehensive array of devices includes smoke detectors, duct smoke detectors, manual stations, contact monitor modules and input/output modules.

For information, contact Radionics at 800-538-5807 or visit

STI introduces heated strobe enclosure

Safety Technology International Inc.'s UL-listed, NEMA 4X-rated STI-1229HTR Heated Environmental Enclosure for Strobes maintains operating temperature of the strobe with external temperatures to -70oC. An all-weather unit, the STI-1229HTR also protects against snow buildup to obscure the strobe as well as the entry of moisture in wash-down areas.

For information, call STI at 800-888-4784 or visit

Firetrace debuts computer fire suppression system

The Firetrace Computer/Instrument Fire Suppression System features flexible polymer tubing that can be installed within an enclosure to detect and extinguish internal fire caused by short circuits. On contact with a flame, the tubing ruptures and releases C02 or an FM-200 agent.

The system is designed for enclosures of 250 cubic feet or less.

Contact Firetrace International at 866-607-1218 or visit

Gamewell releases FireForce 8

The Gamewell Co.’s FireForce 8 notification appliance features built-in synchronization outputs that can provide synchronized NAC power to all outputs simultaneously, making it ideal for large areas. The FF8 offers a choice of four Class B or two Class A NAC circuits rated at 2.5 amps each.

Contact The Gamewell Co. at 508-231-1400 or visit

FCI offers module

FCI introduces the FLD – 1, a Fiber Optic Line Driver Module providing an innovative technique within the market. The fiber optic cable communications between system modules allow the connection to be free of ground faults, transients or noise interference. The FLD – 1, offers a greater reliable application for installations with communications outdoors.

For more information, contact FCI at 781-487-0088 or visit

STI adds smoke detector guard

The reflective beam smoke detector guard joins the rapidly expanding family of Safety Technology International Inc. protective wire covers.

The STI-9626 cover is designed to protect Fireray 50/100R units and similar devices from misalignment and other potential problems. All anchors and screws are provided. The guard can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The STI-9626 is constructed of 9-gauge, welded steel wire coated with a tough, corrosions resistant polyester shell.

Bosch Security offers D341 series duct smoke detectors

Bosch Security offers the D341 series duct smoke detector. The D341i includes a D341 air duct smoke detector housing with a D286 ionization smoke detector for four-wire loops and a 1.5 foot sampling tube.

The D341P air duct smoke detector housing has a D285DH photoelectric smoke detector for four-wire loops in place of the D286.

The D341 series can be mounted through the duct housing, cutting down on installation time, and features a clear housing for easy visual inspections.

System Sensor debuts ventilation controller

A new carbon dioxide ventilation controller is available from System Sensor. The Innovair ventilation controller is based on demand control ventilation, a method utilizing a carbon dioxide sensor to monitor actual occupancy of a space. The unit controls ventilation similar to a thermostat controlling heating and cooling.

Flair Electronics releases new annunciator

Flair Electronics announces the release of their new 261BX Multi Zone Annunciator.

The 261BX Multi Zone Annunciator can be expanded in increments of eight zones by adding the 281M expansion modules. Each unit is equipped with its own regulated power supply with enough auxiliary power to drive most external devices.

The Flair 261 BX Multi Zone Annunciator’s standard features include low level audible, alarm memory, loop status and shunt capability per zone. All inputs are supervised with EOL resistor.

System Sensor introduces i3 smoke detectors

System Sensor is introducing six new i3 Series photoelectric smoke detectors. Available with an 85 dB sounder, a Form C relay, or an isolated thermal sensor, these new models are designed for residential, auxiliary control, and other specialty applications.

All models feature plug-in designs, simplified installation, remote maintenance signaling, smoothing algorithms, and instant sensitivity measurement.

For more information, call 800-736-7672 or visit their website at