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Fire Protection Equipment

Potter Signal adds PFC-5000 panel

The PFC-5000 series fire alarm panel from Potter Electric Signal has two Class B Initating Circuits which may be configured as a Class A circuit and two class A/B indicating circuits with individual trouble indicators.

Each indicating circuit has the ability to be configured as silenceable or non-silenceable.

Audibles may be configured as steady, temporal code, California code or march time.

System Sensor introduces SpectrAlert horn/strobes

System Sensor’s new line of SpectrAlert selectable output strobes and horn/strobes offers the widest range of candela options in the industry.

These units recognize and self-adjust for either 12 or 24-volt operation for a lower average current draw than other similar horn/strobe models.

SpectrAlert devices are installer-friendly with two and four wire designs.

They mount to standard size backboxes and include the QuickClick fastening feature that eliminates mounting screws.

STI intros heated environmental enclosure

STI is releasing the new Nema 4X certified heated environmental enclosure for all signaling appliance units.

The enclosure is designed for use in areas where temperature or environmental conditions exceed the operational range of fire UL listed strobe signaling devices.

STI-1229HTR, with its heater system provides protection against frigid conditions indoors and outdoors in temperatures from –70oF (-57oC) to +120oF (+49oC).

For more information, call STI at 800-888-4784 or visit the company’s website at

Silent Knight offers new fire communicator

Silent Knight introduces the newly expanded six-zone panel 5104 fire control communicator.

The 5104 provides digital communication of fire and trouble conditions.

It can be used as a stand-alone system or it can also be incorporated it into an existing system.

For more information, call 800-446-6444 or vist

ATW releases strobe/ siren combo

ATW is adding the Pointer and the Doberman to its Watchdog line of horn/strobes.

The Doberman has a blue strobe that is independent from the siren; the Pointer’s red strobe sounds with the siren.

For information, call ATW at 800-585-5289 or visit

Potter Electric Signal features PFC-9000

Potter Electric Signal is rolling out the PFC-9000 Series Analog/Addressable Fire Panel.

The unit features three level password protection with field programmable definition.

The 9000 series has four alarm queues with selector switches and LED’s.

RS-232 output for remote system printer or CRT and history log for alarm related events and a 2000 event log for all events.

The 9000 series also has common control switches and/or indicating LED’s for system reset, signal silence, fire drill, lamp test, A.C. on, pre-alarm and ground fault.

System Sensor rolls out i3 smoke detectors

System Sensor announces six new i3 Series photoelectric smoke detectors, including models with an 85 dB sounder, a Form C relay or an isolated thermal sensor.

The series includes both two-wire and four-wire photoelectric detectors, which are available with or without a fixed thermal sensor.

The i3 Series features plug-in designs, simplified installation, remote maintenance signaling, drift compensation, smoothing algorithms, dual LEDs and instant sensitivity measurement designed to reduce installation, maintenance and testing costs.

Gentex unveils the WGE weatherproof series

The WGE Series weatherproof 24V strobe or horn/strobe from Gentex will meet most outdoor applications.

The super-slide metal mounting brackets allow for easy installation.

The WGE Series offers field selectable tones including temporal three or continuous, high/low frequency, whoop and chime.

For more information, contact Gentex at 800-436-8391 or visit the company’s website at

Fire Lite rolls out command center

The new Fire-Lite Audio Command Center 25/50 is a single or dual channel emergency voice evacuation control panel.

The ACC 25/50 provides a host of field-programming options, and can record up to five custom messages.

The integral power supply is capable of charging up to 18 amp hour batteries, housed in the ACC-25/50 cabinet.

For more information on the ACC 25/50, call Fire-Lite at 203-484-7161 or visit

Silent Knight adds IntelliKnight

Silent Knight, a division of Honeywell’s Fire Solutions Group, introduces the IntelliKnight 5700 Fire Control Communicator that digitally reports fires over ordinary telephone lines.

The IntelliKnight 5700 supports up to 50 addressable devices that allow the user to identify precisely which device has been activated and/or needs attention.

For more information , call Silent Knight at 800-328-0103 or visit the company’s website at