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System Sensor’s CO Detector

The CO1224T carbon monoxide detector provides RealTest, the first test of its kind for a detector‚ CO sensing cell. This detector can now reassure customers that not only the electronic components, but also the actual sensing cell can be trusted to detect poisonous CO gas. This device also includes a six-year, end-of-life timer to indicate the necessary replacement of the detector. This model will operate on most industry security and fire alarm control panels.

Emit Technologies’ Anomaly Detector

The new M600 Anomaly Detector provides a fast, non-invasive search tool for all security and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Contraband hidden in cavities, behind walls and within unopened boxes and containers can be detected quickly. Effective and affordable make the M600 a must have for any security inspection team.

ASIS Booth No. 5045

ICx Technologies’ Cerberus Skid Mount

Cerberus mobile perimeter and border surveillance systems from ICx Technologies provide integrated sensors for detection and assessment capabilities suitable for rapid deployment for long range surveillance applications. The new skid mounted version of the highly effective Cerberus places the sophisticated surveillance tower in the bed of a truck for ultimate mobility and flexibility. The mast provides a platform for various surveillance options which can be accessed from within the truck or from a remote command center.

ICx Technologies’ Griffin cheMSense 600

The Griffin cheMSense 600 from ICx Technologies offers an adaptive smart sensor approach to chemical detection. The cheMSense 600 is a direct sampling mass spectrometer providing extremely sensitive yet very selective analysis, with the ability to monitor and rapidly report “positive” hits. The system provides 24/7 continuous indoor air monitoring for a broad range of chemical targets, including CWA’s and TICs. As new targets are identified they can be added to the library.

ASIS Booth No. 735

Fiber SenSys’ SPIDeR Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion DetectoR

The FD500, SPIDeR, Simultaneous Point Intrusion DetectoR, is a fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system offering features such as the capability to detect simultaneous intrusion attempts at multiple locations, 2 km of perimeter protection with one Alarm Processing Unit (APU), adjustable sensitivity at each of 25 individual zone locations requiring only a single backbone cable assembly to perform. The system is currently experiencing the harsh temperature extremes in Japan, as well as abundant moisture at two (2) Oregon facilities.

Smiths’ High Performance Radioisotope Identifier

The HPRID is a hand-held, portable, rugged and highly accurate radioisotope detector and identifier utilizing Symetrica’s Discovery technology, licensed exclusively to Smiths Detection. Discovery technology transforms a highly sensitive 2” x 2” Sodium Iodide (NaI(T1)) detector into a high resolution spectrometer capable of identifying challenging isotopes. Used in ‘survey’ mode to detect radioactive sources, the HPRID can clearly identify whether the energy signature corresponds to harmless naturally occurring radiation or a more dangerous source.

Southwest Microwave’s Passive Infrared Sensor

Model 415 Passive Infrared Intrusion Sensor is an advanced stand-alone sensor offering outdoor intrusion detection to 350 feet. Revolutionary detector and signal processing technology facilitate operation in almost any environment, filtering unwanted radiation from high intensity light sources. Double optical filtering, digital signal processing, signal shape analysis, and adaptive threshold decoding ensure reliable operation under changing environmental conditions. Nuisance alarms from rain, snow, wind, and fog are virtually eliminated. Includes advanced anti-vandal function.

Winland Electronics’ EnviroAlert EA800

EnviroAlert EA800 utilizes wired and wireless sensors to detect changes in environmental conditions such as emperature, water, humidity, power loss and much more. The EA800 alarms to security panels by providing relay closure. Yet also alarms audibly through a built-in buzzer and visually through a flashing backlit screen. Alarm data and unit configuration can be exported to flash drives via the USB port. Furthermore, the EA800’s ability to utilize 4-20mA sensors offers limitless application potential.

System Sensor introduces CO detector

System Sensor, a Honeywell company, has partnered with the worldwide leader in gas sensing, Honeywell Analytics, to design the CO1224, a 12/24-volt detector, for use with security and fire panels. The CO1224 provides the most reliable carbon monoxide detection obtainable. System Sensor's CO1224 offers many top-performing features, including system-connecting capabilities that guarantee around-the-clock protection by a central monitoring station.
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DSC launches contact EV-DW4955

Practically unnoticeable once installed, the compactly designed EV-DW4955 wireless mini door/window contact is ideal for tough-to-fit installations and features a generous magnet gap of 5/8" (16 mm) that easily accommodates a larger door or window frames. The contact also features a pre-installed coin cell battery.
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