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Brivo Systems’ OnSite XE

OnSite XE is an IT appliance-based access control solution for large systems, including multiple buildings. It scales to 750 doors and 25,000 credentials and boasts the latest in browser technologies, like the Ajax-enabled real-time dashboard that allows administrators to monitor device status throughout the enterprise. Fully integrated badging requires no additional software and no special knowledge or skills to operate. Video integration is provided via an easily configured URL that links to the local DVR.

Honeywell’s VISTA-21iP

Honeywell’s new VISTA-21iP Control Panel delivers a full communications solution with an integrated Internet Communicator and optional snap-in GSM radio right on board. Four paths of communication‚ standard TELCO dialer, the Internet, GPRS and SMS increases the reliability of security communications and provide increased assurance that signals get through. Compatibility with Honeywell’s Total Connect digital communications solution provides dealers with additional opportunities to increase RMR and differentiate their business.

On-Net Surveillance Systems’ Ocularis

Ocularis, OnSSI’s IP Video Control platform, is designed to operate on a single platform with unprecedented levels of user-intuitiveness, open architecture and scalability. Users are able to choose best-of-breed components as they evaluate and identify the appropriate physical security surveillance solution. Ocularis’

Safety Technology’s Protective Cabinet

This environmental cabinet allows fire alarm control panels to be mounted in temperatures exceeding normal parameters. The NEMA 4 Rated, extra large, super tough, see-through polycarbonate enclosure protects against vandalism, dirt, dust and grime. The AC/heater unit allows devices to be installed in areas suffering from damaging conditions, such as outside condos/apartments, factories/warehouses or locations that are dirty or experience high humidity. Unit is self-contained and allows for optimal central location of the control panel.

Summit Systems’ SFC-500 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels

Summit Systems Technologies, a provider of advanced life safety systems and communications products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the SFC-500 Series Intelligent Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels. Easy to install and operate, the SFC-500 panels offer reliable protection with advanced features to facilitate service and support, and to minimize nuisance alarms. The SFC-500 panels provide a complete fire alarm solution for a variety of applications including small apartment or office buildings, schools, restaurants, nursing homes, retail stores and more.

Stand Guard’s SecureConnect

SecureConnect provides monthly recurring revenue for companies installing DMP control equipment. No additional labor or training is required. Just plug any network DMP panel into the end users open port on their router, that’s all. End user subscribers can now manage their security systems over the Internet. One or more locations can be managed on one screen with a single log in.

ESX Booth No. 241G

Sequel Technologies’ ST Express and ST8

Sequel Technologies, LLC is releasing two new burglar alarm control panels and a line of wireless sensors. The ST8 is a full-featured hybrid security system with an advanced technical design. The ST Express is a cost-effective self-contained security system with the flexibility of a hybrid panel.

Sequel’s RF receivers include a protocol decoder, which allows it to receive signals from select GE and Honeywell wireless sensors, as well as the entire line of Sequel sensors.

J Systems’ BASIC IP PT Control System

J-Systems has announced the release of the all-new BASIC IP pan-tilt control system. This is an outdoor-grade pan-tilt control system for use with fixed IP cameras, IR lights, and antennas. It works across a LAN, WAN, 3G Cellular, 802.11X or the Internet. This system provides essential pan-tilt control of the rugged JPTH-13 pan-tilt head. A built-in Web interface allows Pan-RIGHT, Pan-LEFT, Tilt-UP and Tilt-DOWN functions. A simple-to-use HTML API makes creating custom Web pages with graphics and diagonal control easy. The entire system is rated IP-65.

Napco's F64 Coded

Napco Security Systems has introduced alarm dealers and integrators to the new intelligent F64 Coded hybrid alarm system. Our user-friendly F64 Coded keypad features field-proven Gemini wireless technology. For traditional installs, F64 Coded supports up to 64, 3- to 6-digit user codes and offers menu-driven touchpad programming. Napco's blue custom alpha display with adjustable volume voice prompt assist speaker and simple stay and away keys are designed to put customers at ease.

RF Logics's Biometric and Proximity Reader

The LX007 series is available in 125 KHz or 13.56MHz modes offering a built-in controller with an emphasis on a robust TCP/IP communication support for Door Access Control and Time & Attendance. A user-friendly device allows registration of up to 4,000 fingerprint users and can store up to 10,000 IDs and 20,000 event transactions internally. Isolated I/O definitions are given to each ID to enable fully customizable features such as handicapped access and two-men role.