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DMP’s Digital Cellular Communicator from DMP

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) now offers a solution for security system installers looking for an easy-to-install wireless communication link between the panel and any DMP central station. The Digital Cellular Communicator 463G from DMP, an expansion card for the popular DMP XR500 panel, provides a one-step method to establish a wireless communications path as either the primary link or a reliable backup. The 463G creates full two-way IP communication between the panel and a DMP SCS-1R receiver. The compact expansion card installs inside the XR500 enclosure and is powered by the panel.

Foster's transformer transformation

Foster Transformer has introduced a pair of transformers which are certified to stringent EN 61558-1 specifications for Isolation Transformers. RoHS Compatible models 15349 and 15964 are suitable for international use as well as for domestic commercial and industrial applications.
For more information about this product, call Foster Transformer at 800-963-9799 or visit

Honeywell Power's new power supplies

Honeywell Power Products has announced the release of a new line of surge-protected power supplies, available in both outdoor weatherproof and indoor varieties. They supply power while protecting adjoining equipment from voltage surges and spikes. Designed to provide 24VAC to 200VA to power cameras, heaters and blowers, in addition to outdoor camera assemblies including pan, tilt and zoom functions, each unit provides three stages of protection to redirect potentially damaging voltages, such as those caused by lightning strikes.

APEM offers new RoHS compliant momentary push-button switches

APEM Components, a manufacturer of miniature and industrial switches, has a new RoHS compliant 1400N Series of momentary push-button switches. They feature a square plunger and a snap-in housing for fast installation. They also have double-break contacts, for maximum efficiency and safety. They are available in NO, NC and change-over contact configurations, and provide 10,000 cycles of life in operating temperatures from -20 C to 55 C.
For more information about this product, call APEM Components at 978-372-1602 or visit

MuxLab announces the Quad Video Balun, BNC

Designed for security video, the Quad Video Balun, BNC 500037 allows up to four analog CCTV cameras to be connected via one CAT-5 cable, thus replacing up to four coax cables. Used in pairs, the 500037 supports composite video up to 2,200 feet via CAT-5, when connected to an analog color monitor.
For more information about this product, call MuxLab at 514-905-0588 or visit

Jadoo offers fuel cell products for professional use

Jadoo Power Systems' new NABII power unit, N-Stor fuel canister and FillPoint refill station are suited to a variety of new applications, including field-ready laptops, emergency response radios and other equipment used in off-grid power situations.
For more information about this product, call Jadoo at 916-608-9044 or visit the company's web site at

Phihong announces DC-DC PoE splitter

Phihong's new PSD14 series is a splitter that is a power supply designed to be mounted right next to an Ethernet device, fully compliant with IEEE 802.3af. Developed for both high-power needs and 12.5W, it is a 14W DC-DC Power-over-Ethernet splitter features an LED indicator that signals whether the device is working properly or not. Typical applications include IP telephones, wireless network access points, Bluetooth access points, security cameras and IP print servers.

IMAG Technologies' Test Kit

The TK900F Test Kit simplifies installation of IMAG Technologies' wireless interface for access control, data and IP Cameras. The portable test unit gives you accurate RF field strength on its LCD screen.
For more information, call IMAG Technologies at 604-525-9555 or visit

Cyrex Networks' CBLNPT Passive Balun

Cyrex Networks' CBLNPT video balun transceiver offers a cost-effective solution to transmitting video, power and PTZ (RS 422 / 485) over one CAT-5 cable. It not only reduces the number of cables required per camera, but it also significantly cuts down on installation time. With distance rated at 1800 feet (B/W) and 1200 feet (color), the CBLNPT makes it easier than ever to install cameras in remote locations.
For more information, call Cyrex Networks at 888-692-9739 or visit

Schurter's high current appliance outlets

Schurter's new 4797 appliance outlets are rated up to 20 amps at 250 VAC. There are two versions, for screw or snap-in mounting. They are suitable for use in test and IT equipment according to IEC/EN 60950, providing a solution for distributing power from racks to multiple pieces of equipment.
For more information about this product, call Schurter at 707-636-3000 or visit the company's web site at